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Happy to say that my blog reached 50 followers!! Thank you so much for staying with me! 🙂

It was quite a long break from writing, especially taking under consideration the current situation. However, it reminded me about the most important things in my life. I want to continue to share my thoughts and insights, and be present with you.

This article was planned to be about spring-summer 2020 fashion styles, but I decided to change it a bit. Nowadays what seems “to be in fashion” loses its meaning, and all the fashionable revolution is about your personal style and comfort, both emotional and physical. We should stop living fast and give space as well as time for designers to create beauty.

Right now it’s a perfect moment to ask yourself some questions – what is your style? What colour suits you better? Oversized or fitted clothes? High-heels or sneakers? Jeans or dress? What clothes make you feel confident and strong? What type of style makes you feel good and happy?…

Today I would like to share really great ideas that will motivate you to rethink everything. Even if you are staying home, you are still beautiful inside and outside. Life is too short for being nervous all the time, and if you want to change something, you should begin from yourself. As well as you, as well as me, we should all learn from it.

The 2020 warm seasons’ style I see in nude and light tones. When this difficult and sad situation will come to its end, all what we will need is to be outside, enjoying the sun light, sea breeze (if possible), fresh air and our beautiful nature. Still, we shouldn’t forget about black colour, because it’s always a good idea, you know.

I divided my article in 10 trends, where the first two are about homewear and sport. Additionally, I added some inspirations for wearing masks outside. No matter where are you now, you always can look beautiful and fit, remember it.

So, let’s check what warm seasons can bring for us this year! Time to be inspired.


While staying home, and working from home (most of us), we can refresh our wardrobe/dressing room. There are clothes that we won’t wear again or there are some pieces that we can use once more. If you want to feel comfortable, I would suggest to try homewear collection from Zara, H&M, Oysho, Nago, Stone Skirts, Hibou, PLNY LALA, NA-KD.

If you want to wear incredible and sophisticated underwear to feel yourself a very gorgeous woman at home, I would advise to shop in Intimissimi, Moye Store, Rilke, Le Petit Trou, Agent Provocateur, For Love & Lemons, EMU Australia.

The whole homey outfit you can match with a silk scrunchy from Dream’in. Keep your style on, even at home.

P.s. Did you participate in the cool photochallenge wearing pillows? If not, check the photos below for your inspiration.

Stay active at home!

When we are not able to visit our favourite sport clubs, the solution comes to work out at home. For this, you need to have some cool outfit, a special one for sport activities, and here come some inspiration how to stay fit and chic while being in isolation. Such shops as Oysho Sport, Joy in Me, Nike, Alo Yoga can offer you really great outfits for yoga, pilates and other trainings. I really advise to use YouTube for free sport lessons, as there are plenty of them (no need to pay extra money). Take care of yourself and stay fit! Sport is life.

Add more colours to life!

Are we all waiting when everything will be back to life? While going this long and difficult way, some colours would make our life more positive. Summer is coming, and it’s a good moment to start wearing again your favourite dresses, even if you can’t go for your dreamed vacation. Street style will be back, maybe somehow paired with a mask (read about it in the last paragraph). So, think about your outfits right now, how you can mix differences colours and style.


Wearing nude colours is always a perfect decision for any kind of meeting or parties. You can look both elegant, stylish, cool and bright wearing light tones of your outfit. Especially now, when you feel tired, stressed and you are looking for something positive, it will be a really great idea to think about white, beige, light blue or pink or yellow colours. Fashion designers and stylists are convinced that nude style is a must-have, and such styles must be in the wardrobe of every modern woman. You know, a woman who prefers nude is always relevant and stays up to date. With the help of natural nude shades, you can collect a light, delicate and super-stylish image of a perfectly stylish urban woman.

Baby blue

I really like blue colours and I think that this style suits every woman, no matter what kind of hairstyle or body you have. Its pure beauty attracts everyone. For business purposes you can choose a light blue jacket to look strong, fresh and full of energy. If you are going out with your friends, wear a blue dress to express your delicacy, love and tender. Planning to go for a date? Try bright airy dress like Zimmermann or similar to it. Add some red lipstick and go conquer the world!

It’s time for a dress!

Show me who don’t like to wear dresses… or if there are such women, just comment below the article, curious to know your style that doesn’t include dresses. For those, who as well as me, love wearing beautiful dresses, be inspired by Oscar de la Renta, Zac Posen, Monique Lhuillier… Ralph Lauren’s yellow dress is a perfect game for the wished date. Light orange dress by Zimmermann is a wonderful idea for going out for a lunch or dinner and then taking a nice walk around the city. If you want to make some wow effect, choose the idea by Molly Goddard, something fresh and unusual. Wear a dress like Paco Rabanne to show that you worth the game.

Black is always a good idea

Black looks is a must-have in your wardrobe. As said, Paris is always a good idea. So the same situation is with black colour. You can choose a total black outlook like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, or just wear some black elements mixing with bright shoes or bags like Chanel, Moschino. You won’t make any mistakes, because it’s just impossible, even when nothing is impossible. This colour makes you an elegant woman, with a riddle inside, mysterious and unpredictable. 80% of my outfit is nearly black, and I can’t imagine the life without this style. And you?

So, so pinky

Do you like pink or rose styles? I am really in love with them, maybe because I am a blond girl, but still… this colour can express different feelings. Sometimes you can wear dark rose dress to show that you deserve all what you want, and it happens when you want to wear a light pink dress for a romantic date where you will talk about love. This style is also a perfect one for summer holidays: long warm evenings full of sea breathe, walking around and enjoying the sunsets, for such occasions mixed rose dresses by Anna Sui will be a good idea. The whole pinky outlook by Armani can be a good statement at work that you are a great specialist with a lovely taste. And for relaxing beach time choose the style by Lanvin – light and incredibly feminine!

Coats – one big love

Spring and as well as summer sometimes can be tricky. Especially when the evening comes and you feel that some light coats are needed. What’s more: right now in Warsaw it’s not so warm, and we still wear warm coats to feel cozy. They can be made from any fabric, in different colours and lengths. All is about which one suits you better and where are you going to wear it. For romantic dates choose something light and in nude tones like Armani and Baum und Pferdgarten, for going out with family and friends – choose similar to Fendi, and for some special occasions – bright and cool like Rochas. Remember only one rule: it’s all about you and your comfort.

Jeans, baby!

Starting from this year, I mean 2020, I fell in love with jeans. Previously, I didn’t use to wear them at all, but changes are needed, you know. So, wearing jeans doesn’t mean you are a boy anymore. You can look classy, pure, sweet, self-confident… depends which style you are going to choose. Slouchy jeans, or straight one, skinny, cigarette jeans, wide-leg, high-rise, boyfriend, etc. So many ideas, but to find your perfect one or ones, you need to try all them. For me, I like slouchy jeans, bright blue and dark grey colours. The first one I like to wear during warm seasons and the dark one – during winter and autumn. Comment in the end of the article which style is your loved one. Search for inspirations in Pinterest – a great source for incredible styles.

Back to work

Home office is finished? Or are you working still from home? If no, and you need to go back to work soon (I guess I will return to my office in 2 weeks), so it’s time to review all your office-styled outfits. Try elegant looks combining a skirt with a blouse and a jacket, as did Victoria Beckham in her collections. The same inspiration can be found in Burberry style, using nude tones. If you are more a trousers-girl, try Armani or Dior looks or similar to them. Also, I like a Chanel dress in squares, a very nice idea for future interviews. Show your power, stay easy and focused!

Summer please

Summer is coming! Please, come, come and let be the end of the current situation. Wear all the bright and airy looks that you have or can find. We all need some fresh update and positive vibes, also in our clothes. Mix all that you can’t mix and be true to your principles. That’s what summer 2020 is about: staying connected to your inner world and knowing what you want and need.

Mask time

As we are going to wear masks a little bit longer (hope not till September), this thing may also suit our outlook of the day. If you are tired wearing simple blue masks, try something different from such fabrics as cotton or even better, silk, and with different patterns like animal-print, flowers, geometric figures, and made in variety of colours: black, pink, yellow, red, etc. Right now there are many propositions to find the perfect mask for you that will both save and style you no matter where are you now. Check the inspirations below!

My conclusion: stay positive. Life is short and this reminds us that we should find happiness in every day. No matter how hard right now is, clothes somehow can bring you joy and nice memories. Remember to be yourself and to be present, but don’t forget to dream! Because dreams come true. Always, if you wish so much.

xoxo meunierka

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