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I begin the new month February with a fashion related blog post. If you are not up to date with all big news from the world of fashion, I guess this article will be interesting for you. Of course, check the images for Spring-Summer 2020 collection by JPG and review your wardrobe. Spring is coming guys! ❤️

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Recently in Paris the fashion collection SS 2020 was presented by haute couture houses. One of them was the last one in the designer’s history, – Jean Paul Gaultier. After 50 years of the successful career, the greatest designer presented his latest haute couture collection in Paris, which featured famous A-list models, including Bella and Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk. Also, the collection included 700,000 Swarovski crystals, creating a dazzling appearance.

A few days before this event, the couturier published the news on Instagram and Twitter in the form of a typical humorous video and promised that “Gaultier will continue to exist”, and also hinted that he was working on a “new project”, which he will talk about “very soon”.

Many popular topics about which we talk today all around the world, such as diversity, gender equality and sustainability, are embedded in Gaultier’s DNA. Since his first show in 1976, he has been demonstrating on the catwalk models of all generations, genders, and ethnic groups because they reflected real people on the streets that inspired his style. He dressed men in skirts and turned a corset from a symbol of an oppressed woman into a symbol of a woman (or man), who completely controls the situation.

Although the couture of Jean Paul Gaultier will continue to a certain extent (as part of a new concept that has not yet been announced), this last Haute Couture fashion collection means the official retirement of the designer from the world of fashion.

Check the brightest moments of the SS’ 20 Haute Couture collection by JPG:

Photos from Vogue

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