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It’s already the 22nd of January, still I would like to welcome you in 2020 year – Happy New Year to all who read and follow my blog! I wish you all the best in your life and may all your wishes come true. I hope that 2019 year was quite a good period for you. However, let’s make the New Year brighter and happier than the previous one.

I am very happy to begin 2020 year with… 4️⃣0️⃣ followers of my blog! This is a wonderful number and I am so motivated and very thankful that you are with me. And for new followers, all what can I say is – welcome, welcome and again welcome!

This year I decide to challenge myself a bit. 💯 So, meaning, that I will write 2 posts per month – and this is my promise to you, guys. From the beginning of the year, a lot of things, actions, shows and plans come to life, and this is a great time to share my thoughts, just general updates and insights. A lot of fashion shows are going to be organized, as well as I’ve already planned some really cool trips so that I am going to share my travel hints with you soon. What’s more: I would like to add my views about sport activities, as from November 2019 I started to do sport very actively (sport club and yoga time) and it changes me so much. I will also continue to write about Warsaw, as it’s the city where I live – if you are planning a trip there, my blog will be a nice inspiration for you.

Talking about Warsaw city and its attractions, I come to the new blog post that opens 2020 year in MEUNIERKA. As you already saw, the title is about the best restaurants in Warsaw city… TOP 20 spots for dinner. I think this article can be very useful both for tourists and also for people, who live in Warsaw and are not so much into Warsaw’s life. Many restaurants and cafes non-stop are being opened with different dishes (meat/vege) and menus. Sometimes, you can easily get lost of how many places are in Warsaw right now. So…

…I invite you to read the new article “TOP 20 Restaurants in Warsaw City”! I hope you will find it interesting and practical. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or you just want to say “hi”, you are more than welcomed. 💔

Wishing you a great reading time!

xo meunierka

TOP 20 Restaurants in Warsaw City

1. Chez Krem

If you dream of a French zest in the center of Warsaw, then you should definitely visit the bistro Chez Krem. Last week I had dinner after my yoga class in this wonderful place and I was extremely pleased. ❤️ The restaurant is very popular and get ready to stand in line (but not too long). The service is polite and pleasant, and the food is very tasty and hearty! I ordered the classic Croque Madame with cheese, ham and fried egg – 🍽 it would seem that the portion is small, but I could barely cope with it. For drink I chose a hot cup of latte ☕️ with soy milk and it was perfect. In the menu you will find also a big choice of cheeses, main dishes, croques and desserts. I guess, now it’s time to go for a lunch, ya?

📍 street Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich 18

2. Otto Pompieri

I was in Otto Pompieri only once with my friend before we went to the concert. And I can tell you that the time spent there was a great one with a very delicious food. 🤤 Additionally, I was quite lucky that I didn’t stay in a queue, because after me appeared around 10-15 people, who were standing and waiting. So, take under consideration, that it’s better to reserve a table in this restaurant. However, if you come spontaneously, I don’t think you will wait too long as the place is big, there are lot of tables where you can sit. Regarding the menu, there are many Italian choices like pizzas, pastas, salads, starters and desserts (and of course the drinks). I chose pasta 🍝 pappardelle al ragu. It was very tasty and quite a big portion for me. What’s more: the restaurant is situated in the city center. It will take you around 15 min by feet to reach the Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki, PKiN). 💎

📍 square Bankowy 1

3. Rejczel Krewetki i Wino

Are you planning a romantic meeting? 💏 Or thinking where to go with your BFF 👯‍♀️ to talk heart to heart while drinking a glass of wine? Rejczel is a perfect place for you. It’s a new restaurant recently opened at Marszałkowska street. The new restaurant, as the name suggests (eng. Rejczel Shrimps and Wine), specializes in shrimp 🍤 dishes. The menu includes shrimps in various versions, such as shrimps in a wine-butter emulsion, with strawberries, with chorizo, with pickled mango, with broad beans and string beans, with avocado and cherry tomatoes or just shrimps 🍤 in tempura. For drinks, you can order wine 🍷 or beer. Sounds like a great evening time to be spent with your loved one?

📍 street Marszałkowska 8

4. Charlotte

In my previous post Charlotte takes the first place for the best food in Warsaw city. Why? Just because it’s the best spot for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and suppers… and all is served during the whole day. So, for my new readers, I will shortly explain why this cafe is worth your attention. 💗 Charlotte is a very beautiful and cozy French-styled place. It offers only natural products imported from French and Polish producers (and they have their own bakery). The dishes are always very delicious and hot. Sometimes there are so many people, that you should be prepared to stay in a queue (up to 30 min). The restaurant makes reservations only during the working week, from Monday till Friday. 🖤

Charlotte’s menu includes various dishes, like salads, bouillons (Charlotte Bouillon), tasty croques, main dishes, croissants served with jams and chocolate, hot sandwiches, a plate of cheese and other snacks, snails (Charlotte Bouillon), and of course desserts. I advise to try the Croque-monsieur and Croque-mademoiselle (Charlotte Bouillon), the hot sandwich with olive tapenade and mozzarella, must-order once in your life the Charles’ Breakfast (includes egg, a basket of bread and croissant, jams, chocolates, a glass of champagne and a tea/coffee). 💯

Attention! ⚠️ All locations have a little bit different menu. For example, the newly opened place Charlotte Bouillon is serving snails, bouillons, some main hot dishes and croques with meat. So, just check the menu before going to any of 3 locations that Charlotte has. My favorite place is still Charlotte Menora. It’s the biggest café among other 2 spots, and the main atmosphere is very cozy and stylish. It’s always a good idea to gather your friends to celebrate a special occasion in Charlotte! 🙌🏻

📍 Charlotte Menora: square Grzybowski
📍 Charlotte Bouillon: square Trzech Krzyży
📍 Charlotte: square Zbawiciela

5. ORZO People Music Nature

The next great place to spend in with a pleasure – ORZO. As the restaurant says about itself, the name ORZO is a puzzle for many people and all think what does it mean. 🌿 So, no more secrets! It’s a fine Italian grain-shaped rice noodle that is extremely tasty! This place offers a big choice of vegetarian dishes and meat as well. The place is quite comfortable with a nice music inside. I really advise to try the ORZO burger with fries and as a snack to take a plate of sweet potato fries BATATAS BRAVAS 🥔 with cheese 🧀 and sauce, so yummy! A good place to hang out with your friends, family and partners. ✨ 

📍 square Konstytucji 5
📍 square Koneser 5

6. Bułkę przez Bibułkę

Two words: very cozy! 💞 I like this place, especially when you have a situation, that you really don’t know where to go for a lunch with your friends, and the first place that comes to our minds – Bułkę przez Bibułkę. You come with families, friends and children. The design in the morning is bright, and during the day changes to quite romantic and easy-going. In the menu you can find bagels, hot toasts, salads, soups, some breakfasts choices, and coffee/tea/tasty drinks. I would recommend to order pancakes 🥞 with fresh fruits and whipped cream (a big plate), a salmon bagel, hot toasts mozagrillo with chicken and a salad Romaine. I am sure, you will be satisfied on 100%. Enjoy your meal!

📍 street Puławska 24
📍 street Zgoda 3
📍 place Stara Papiernia, avenue Wojska Polskiego 3
📍 street Zwycięzców 32

7. Aïoli Cantine Bar Café Deli

This is one of my favorite places in Warsaw city! 💔 The atmosphere can be friendly, business, romantic, easy-going, club-styled or family-styled. It depends on what kind of meeting you are going to have there. What’s more and the most important fact – every dish is so tasty! 🤤 You can choose burgers, salads, seafood, meat, fish, pizza, pasta… the choice is really huge. There are often queues, so better make a reservation earlier. The décor is very modern and industrial. If you are a fashionista or an influencer, you will love this place for sure. Time to plan your dinner for the coming weekend! 🙌🏻

📍 street Świętokrzyska 18
📍 street Chmielna 26

8. Pełną Parą

One of my close friends advised me this place, 💘 where great steamed Chinese dumplings are served. For me such cuisine is very interesting and sometimes I like to go somewhere to eat exotic food. So, the atmosphere of the restaurant is made in Chinese styles. Every table has a soy sauce. 🥢 The localization is very convenient, situated in the city center. Regarding the food, experienced chefs from China and Nepal rule the kitchen. Vegetarians, meat lovers and as well as enthusiasts of extremely hot spices will find their favorite dishes in Pełną Parą. Together with my friend we ordered steamed Chinese dumplings with chicken and kimchi (5 pieces) and with prawns and garlic (5 pieces). Additionally, I took Pad Thai with chicken. 🥡 Everything was well cooked and very delicious! Interesting fact: the menus differs from each other depends on the localization. We were on the street Nowowiejska 10. So, if you are a fan of steamed dumplings, you should plan your visit to Pełną Parą.

📍 street Nowowiejska 10
📍 street Zajęcza 2B
📍 street Sienna 76

9. Shrimp House

Shrimp House 🍤 is definitely for those guys, who are addicted to shrimps. Seriously, this place is a total shrimp’s paradise! All dishes are with shrimps. You can choose shrimp salads, pasta with shrimps, shrimp sandwiches and soups with shrimps. I tried and advise you so much to take too – 🍤 Tempura Shrimp: this is a plate of 8 shrimps with salad, mango sauce, mayonnaise sauce and baguette/fries. So tasty! What’s more: once I ordered the pasta with shrimps – Italian Shrimp: pasta with shrimps on white wine with butter, garlic, parsley and cherry tomatoes. It was also delicious! I enjoyed every meal in Shrimp House as well as my friends. Check this spot in your free time! 🍴🥂

📍 street Cybernetyki 2
📍 street Grzybowska 43a

10. Nancy Lee

For vegans, 🌱 I can advise Nancy Lee for dinners as well as breakfasts. It’s a cool and very cozy place with a tasty coffee and vege cuisine 🥦 being situated in the heart of Warsaw city. The owners know how to cook well, including vegan cakes, which even better than the ordinary cakes with a super taste and quality. The place is great, hidden in a small street, but still very central. It’s really nice to come there during summer and sit in the garden. In the menu you will find super tasty toasts with sauces, smoothies, starters, salads, omelets 🍳, breakfast plates, sandwiches and desserts. Nancy Lee also offers you a lunch time, where you can get a soup, a second dish and a lemonade. Sounds cool, yes? Must-visit spot in your wish list. 🍽

📍 street Wojciecha Górskiego 9

11. PAUL Polska

Paul is a wonderful place for having a wonderful dinner and breakfast. In the morning, when you come to this place, you feel a real France: hot croissants, the smell of the recently baked bread, fried eggs, and a cup of hot latte. 💭 Sounds like a real French paradise! The atmosphere is very stylish, elegant and sweet. The staff is always polite with you and quite quickly serve you the ordered dishes. In the Paul’s menu you can find hot croques, dishes with eggs, salads, soups, quiches, burgers, fish plates, pastas and desserts. I tried many times the Croque Monsieur with ham and cheese and I am totally in love with French pancakes with chocolate and whipped cream. 🥞 What’s more: you can find Paul at the Warsaw Chopin Airport – if you have some time before your flight, you can take a sit there and have a dinner/breakfast. And just relax enjoying your meal!

📍 street Emilii Plater 53
📍 Warsaw Chopin Airport

12. Trattoria Rucola

Recently I had a pleasure to visit this restaurant with my friend. I can tell you that if you would like to eat a really good pizza 🍕, Trattoria Rucola serves one of the best pizzas 🍕 in Warsaw city. There up to 40 choices of pizzas, a lot of pastas, salads, starters and desserts… shortly, welcome to Italian paradise! I tried already the pizza with 5 cheeses, with ham and parmesan, and also with seafood and a traditional one – margarita. 🧡 The design of restaurants is nice and bright, using warm colors such as green and yellow. This spot is great for couples, families, children and friends. I hearty advise to visit Trattoria Rucola! 🤤

📍 street Krucza 6/14 (Center)
📍 street Miodowa 1 (Old Town)
📍 street Francuska 6
📍 square Inwalidów 10

13. Sobremesa Tapas Bar (Hala Koszyki)

Sobremesa Tapas Bar can be found in Hala Koszyki (close to the city center). Hala Koszyki is a very nice and stylish place, and if are not planning to have dinner, I would recommend just to visit this spot. Regarding Sobremesa 🦀, if you are a seafood/fish lover, you must go there for sure. The food is excellent, 🦑 and together with a glass of wine or champagne – your meeting is going to be very elegant and bright. I tried squid and octopus served with bread, sauce and lemon – it was so delicious! 🐙 Too prefect to be true, seriously. I am a big fan of seafood, that’s this place is always in my list of top restaurants in Warsaw. Prices are quite high, but it worth going there for a special occasion. Must-visit! (make a reservation otherwise you likely will stay in a queue). 🌠

📍 place Hala Koszyki, Koszykowa 63

14. Sexy Duck Craft Italian Kitchen

As you may guess, in Sexy Duck 🦆 you will find many plates with duck. There are a big menu full of delicious food and an interesting cocktail card. The service is very nice and the place has its own atmosphere, a little bit dark. The restaurant is spacious and has two levels. From the very entrance, it smells beautiful from a wood-burning oven, which for me always portends to be served a good pizza with dough pleasantly soaked in smoke. 🦆🍕 Portions were large and prices are adequate to what was given – so that I could barely eat my dish (fortunately, there was the option to take away what you couldn’t eat). I ordered a cream tomato soup 🍜 – it was really perfect. Also, I took the salmon pasta – very well done. I was there with my family and all was quite cozy and pleasant.

📍 square Konstytucji 3

15. Leonardo Verde

One more place for vege lovers. 🍏 Especially this place is great for families and people with children. So be prepared that sometimes can be quite noisy. However, the food is very delicious and totally vege. There you can order seasonal menus, raw dishes, starters, soups, salads, children’s menu, pasta 🍝, main courses, pizza and desserts. All is 100% vegan. 🌱 The location of the spot is perfect – the city center, around 5 min by feet to the Central Railway Station and the shopping mall Złote Tarasy, and around 10 min by feet to the Hala Koszyki or to the Central Underground Station Centrum. Very easy to be reached. 💚

📍 street Poznańska 13

16. Mąka i Woda

One of the greatest pizzas 🍕 in Warsaw city you will find in Mąka i Woda. They are not so big as traditionally served, but so tasty and are being cooked in front of you. That’s why many people visit this post and I advise you to make a reservation of the table earlier. When it’s summer, you can sit outside and just enjoy the view of beautiful buildings. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the city. I heard that some people were not satisfied, but in my opinion, this is a good place. I visited Mąka i Woda many times with friends, family and just for dates – 🍴 everything was always on a high level. The atmosphere is very nice and cozy (even the bathrooms are really cool). You can find in the menu red and white pizzas, starters, salads and desserts. I really advise to order the traditional margarita, and the octopus’s salad. ⭐

📍 street Chmielna 13a

17. Trattoria Da Antonio

Both locations of Tratorria Da Antonio are situated in the city center and that makes this place to be reached quite in a convenient way. The third place can be found not too far from the heart of Warsaw. So, what’s so special about this Italian spot? 🍕 The restaurant was created out of the passion for Italian cuisine and the colorful and hot lifestyle of Sicily. Chief Antonio instilled in this place love and passion for that region. The restaurant is good for families with children, dates and friends. 🍝 Of course, business meetings can be as well organized, for example for a big number of coworkers after the work. The menu as you understand is whole Italian. I tried there such starters as Bruschetta with tomatoes and Antipasto di Bufala, for main dishes I ordered pasta Tagliatelle Antonio, Risotto Antonio with mushrooms and Pizza with prosciutto and rucola. All was served perfectly accurate and the dishes were really great! 🌟

📍 street Żurawia 18
📍 street Jerozolimskie 119
📍 street Włodarzewska 79

18. Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up is a large, spacious place near Nowy Świat street. 🥢 There are two levels, a garden, an efficient service and repetitive dishes holding its level. As the name suggests, this spot proposes you delicious Thai food. An ideal place not only for socializing in a group of friends, but also for an intimate, business or Sunday dinner with your family and children. 🥡 The additional attraction are dishes prepared in front of guests, but beware of high heat heating the wok. In the menu you can find soups, starters, salads, Thai noodles, fried rice, wok dishes, curry plates, main dishes, desserts and of course drinks. I advise you to try spring rolls Samosa, 🥟 together with the Pad Thai 🍜 with chicken or shrimps. Very tasty!

📍 street Foksal 16

19. Bazar Kocha

I really love the Mokotowska street. It’s a very elegant and with many polish shops street full of nice places and restaurants. One of them is Bazar Kocha. 🌿 This spot is both great for meat lovers and vegetarians. I was with my friend, whose lifestyle is eco & vege, and believe me, she was very satisfied with her dish – Buddha Bowl. 🥑 What about myself, I ordered Croque Madame with ham, cheese, béchamel sauce and fried egg. 🍳 It was super tasty breakfast! Additionally, I decided to try a piece of cake with caramel and pears. Very delicious! The menu includes also main dishes, starters and drinks. It can be a good place for families, dates and business meetings (close to the city center). 💙

📍 street Mokotowska 33/35

20. The Alchemist

I always wanted to visit this place. 😍 Many times, I was around this spot, and finally I went with my mum during hot summer days. This decision was a well-made one! ☀️ The restaurant itself is very beautiful and stylish inside and outside as well. We decided to sit on the terrace, because it was so hot… and we chose to sit on the big sofa. Oh, this was such a great comfort! Not to say, that food was also on a very high level. I ordered black Tagliatelle with Sautee Prawns and Sweet Potato Wedges 🥔. It was too delicious to be true, but it was really good. For drinking, I chose Aperol & Gin Spritz 🍹 (I usually don’t drink, but sometimes in a great company I can take a glass of something, like champagne or aperol or margarita, etc.). Definitely a must-visit place for dinner! (close to the Old Town, the hotel Bristol, the hotel Sofitel and the Castle). 🙌🏻

📍 place Metropolitan Building, square Piłsudskiego 3


There are a lot of places that are not in this list yet. Still, to visit 20 restaurants – you will need to reserve some time for this… I am planning to update the article during my new visits. So, this not the end of the best dinner spots story. I hope you enjoyed the article as well as you became inspired and curious about some really lovely places in Warsaw city.

What I can say more: right now, it’s time to take your friends, or family, or partner, or your dog/cat to a new restaurant for a great dinner!

Have a wonderful dinner!

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