Hello my dear readers and new comers,

As I promised to you, from now I am sharing a huge list of 100 movies about Christmas and New Year. Yes, 100 movies! 

That’s a big amount and I hope you will find really interesting and totally new films that you are going to enjoy during the holiday season. Some you might already watched, but still it will be a good reminder which old movies you can rewatch.

No matter are you alone, with family, life partner or your pet, there are many different movies for all groups. The whole list will make your holidays brighter and happier. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


1. 12 Dates of Christmas (2011)

This Christmas story is about a young woman, Kate, who went on a bad blind date. On the next day she wakes up and understands that she is living the same day that was a day before all over again.

2. Four Christmases (2008)

The movie is about a romantic and funny couple, Brad and Kate, whose parents are both divorced and have their own families in different places. It’s Christmas time and it means that the couple must visit all 4 families during the holiday season.

3. 8 Women (2001)

In one French countryside the whole family is gathering for the holiday season. However, there won’t be any reason to celebrate because the father/husband/grandfather or shortly the main patriarch of 8 women has been murdered. Who is the killer? Watch the movie to find out.

4. Serial (Bad) Weddings 1-2 (2014/2019)

A Catholic French family is living a hard life: their 4 daughters decided to marry men from different races and religions. How to deal with it? Especially during the holidays…

5. A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004)

The story is about a woman, Holly, who doesn’t believe in Santa. When she used to be a small girl, she wished a boyfriend for Christmas. However, Holly didn’t receive her present. Now she is a hard-working child advocate, who is not at all for a Christmas mood…. but it doesn’t mean that Santa forgot her wish. Everything changes when a handsome guy comes to the city.

6. Bridget Jones 1-3 (2001/2004/2016)

I guess many people watched these movies. The incredible Bridget Jones will take you to her life full of crazy friends and parents, love affairs, silly situations, amazing outfits during the holiday season. Time to buy your own diary!

7. One Christmas Eve (2014)

A divorced recently woman, Nell, together with two children, want to recreate a wonderful Christmas without their father. However, everything goes wrong when she receives a dog. From then everything what can go wrong, goes wrong. Still, Nell finds new friends and a new love.

8. Finding Christmas (2013)

Two guys, Sean and Owen, who are quite different personalities and having contrasting life, decide to swap their homes for the holidays. The result? Time to watch a movie!

9. All I Want for Christmas (1991)

The story is about two young siblings, Ethan and Hallie, who are living in New York city. All what they are wishing for is to meet the holidays with their parents, to bring them back together. To achieve their dream, Ethan and Hallie create a plan how to organise a family time for Christmas.

10. Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

It’s a wonderful old movie that you may noticed in other films when characters used to watch it, for ex. in The Family Stone or Sex and the City. The story is about a big family: a married couple with one son and 4 daughters living together with a grandfather. Holidays are coming and the decision is being made whether to move or not to New York… but how they can leave St. Louis, the beloved place and home? Especially if both older sisters are falling in love… Worth watching the movie as Judy Garland for the first time ever sings a famous Christmas song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”.

11. Gremlins (1984)

Gremlins is an American horror comedy movie. Billy’s father brings him a pet from China as a present with specific instructions how to take care of it. However, Billy doesn’t follow them correctly and it unleashes a lot of of terrible monsters.

12. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

One of the most watched fantasy stories during Christmas, especially that one with Jim Carrey in the main role. The movie is about Grinch, who lives in the mountains isolated form all people and their celebrations. He hates the town that is situated near his place, and despises Christmas. A small girl, Cindy Lou, wants to reform Grinch and to bring him back to town. Her plan goes wrong and and this leads to a series of holiday troubles.

13. Groundhog Day (1993)

Do you know that feeling when you understand that you lived through the present situation before? Phil, a weatherman, will experience this phenomenon while being in Punxsutawney for the Groundhog Day. Every day he wakes up at the same time in the same hotel and lives through the holiday again and again. How to deal with it? Try everything you were afraid of? Or maybe life gives you some time to rethink your life?

14. Deck the Halls (2006)

A new family, Buddy with his wife and 2 daughters, move to a new place just before Christmas. Everything is quite good, but Buddy’s house can’t be seen from the space, when his neighbour Steve’s house is. So, Buddy decides to decorate his house as much as possible to achieve the dream. However, Steve doesn’t like this idea as it creates a lof of mess and noise… the real Christmas fight between two neighbours begins.

15. Elf (2003)

This movie is a must watch during the holiday season. Always reminds me the scene when Buddy knows that Santa is coming to the town and he is happy.. So, this story is about the elf, Buddy, who was raised among elves at the North Pole. When he finds out that he is a human, he goes to New York to meet his real father.

16. Serendipity (2001)

Do you believe in fate? The main characters, Jonathan and Sara, meets each other during the shopping battle. They spend the whole day together. In the end Sara decides that if it’s a real connection between her and Jonathan, they should allow fate to take control of their future. She writes down her phone number in one book, and he leaves his on 5 dollars. If they are meant to be together, they will find the way.

17. Chalet Girl (2011)

In the past the main character, Kim, used to be a professional skateboarding champion. However, after her mother passed away, she forgot about her dreams, started a new work in a fast food to help somehow her father with the money. Once she receives the opportunity to go to Austria for a new job, where Kim tries snowboarding in her free time. She understands that this road can make her a champion in this sport, but some family troubles as well as a new love mix all up.

18. Just in Time for Christmas (2015)

Just before holidays, you involuntarily wait for the fulfilment of your cherished desires. The main character, Lindsay, loves what she does. She works as a professor of psychology. At Christmas, Lindsay receives a tempting job offer, where she will need to move to another place. Among other things, her boyfriend finally decides to make her a marriage proposal. Standing at a crossroads, Lindsay does not know what to do right. On a foggy night, she is given the opportunity to look into her future for three years in advance.

19. Crown for Christmas (2015)

Ellie Evans is a young girl who, after the death of her parents, is forced to take care of her younger sister and brother. A maid job does not bring her the desired income. In addition to all her troubles, Ellie loses her job on Christmas Eve. However, she receives a great opportunity to work during holidays. Despite having to work away from home and family, Ellie agrees, because she simply has no other choice. But Ellie does not even suspect that her new place of work will be a real castle, and she will not obey anyone, but a real royal person.

20. A Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

The story is about the kingdom of Halloween. This place has become a haven for a large number of creepy and frightening creatures. Every year on the day of their holiday, they roll up real shows and scare people. Jack Skellington, the main hero of the occasion, whom everyone loves and glorifies, is not happy at all because he was pretty fed up of the monotonous, repeating from year to year holidays. Once Jack randomly finds himself in a strange clearing on which there is a door in each tree. Without hesitation, he opens one of them, and renders in the city of Christmas, in a place where joy and happiness reign. Jack liked this wonderful holiday so much that he decides to take the place of Santa Claus and organise the celebration of Christmas personally.

21. Curly Sue (1991)

The swindler and tramp Bill Dancer and the curly orphaned baby, Curly Sue, in his care find themselves together by fate, in the heart of Chicago. Bill, allegedly, fell under the wheels of a car, which was driven by a young rich lady. Frightened for the life of the injured man, she invites him, along with the girl Sue, to temporarily stay at her house just before holidays.

22. Love the Coopers (2015)

Coopers are an ordinary large American family in which everyone lives their own life, solving everyday problems during the year, to gather at the family table once a year during Christmas. This story takes place on Christmas Eve, when Charlotte and Sam, tired of a long life together, decide on this magical holiday to gather their whole family at one table.

23. Little Women (1994)

If you read a book, you know the story of the movie. Still, in a nutshell, it’s a wonderful film about strong and in the same time little women. The head of a huge female family goes to war, and the mother is left alone with four daughters. Elder Meg is a merciful and judicious girl who always takes care of her younger sisters. Jo is a cheerful and unbalanced girl who, from childhood, set a goal to become a famous writer. Beth is a sweet and sentimental girl who lives in her dreams and enjoys life in all its manifestations. Amy is a capricious and playful sister who is ready for dramatic changes in life.

24. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Late at night, the voice of a small child who wants to find a mother is heard from the country’s radios. Hundreds of women across the country respond to this challenge, and only one of them is one hundred percent sure that the father of the child, and she – are destined for each other, even if there are hundreds of miles between them.

25. Scrooged (1988)

The comedy film “The New Christmas Tale” is a satirical version of the story of the famous British writer Charles Dickens – “A Christmas Carol”. The main character of the film is Frank Cross, the head of the media empire. He is very rich, cynical, and indifferent to everything except his capital. On Christmas night, he will encounter supernatural forces in the face of three ghosts that will forever change Frank’s attitude to the world and people.

26. Noel (2004)

Noel tells about how nice it is sometimes to spend time on this holiday just as the soul desires. It could be an evening in some coffee house and looking at the bustle of the city. So, an unexpected meeting of completely strangers in such a seemingly absolutely unromantic place as a hospital will change the lives of many of them. All these people, somewhere in the depths of their hearts are waiting for a miracle and believe that dreams come true.

27. A Nanny for Christmas (2010)

The story tells about a talented young woman named Ellie. She runs an advertising department in a successful company. For a minor misunderstanding, in relation to the higher authorities, the girl is fired. But not in the character of Ellie to give up. The owner of a rival firm invites Ellie to become a nanny for his children during holiday season.

28. Home Alone 1-5 (1990/1992/1997/2002/2012)

I think many of us watched Home Alone 1 and 2. However, have you seen the 3 other parts? The story is quite the same: a small boy is left alone at home during holidays. At first, he is very happy, because no more family problems. However, everything changes when thieves try to break into his home. But a boy is a clever one and he prepares a tricky plan for the thieves.

29. Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (2005)

The plot of the film revolves around Beth Sawtelle, a mother who herself brings up a young son. Miracles in her understanding are a fairy tale for young children. The only wish of her child on Christmas Eve is the appearance in their little family of dad. By a strange coincidence, the son of Santa himself, whose name is Nick, comes to the city in which they live. Old Klaus is going on a well-deserved rest, and leaves his son as his successor. The only condition is that Nick needs to get married.

30. One Winter Weekend (2018)

Kara is a young girl who writes articles about relationships in a popular women’s magazine. However, on New Year’s Eve, Kara finds her boyfriend with another girl, which puts an end to their relationship. Considering that a spontaneous vacation will help her to escape from problems, Kara goes with her friend to a ski resort. However, a random mistake occurs and they have to share their house with two pretty young guys.

31. The Polar Express (2004)

The plot of the movie focuses on a little boy who does not believe in miracles, and particularly in Santa Claus. Once, on Christmas Eve, he gets a unique opportunity to go to the North Pole by a wonderful and magical train and see for himself Santa Claus. While experiencing a new adventure, he will find new good friends and maybe he will begin to appreciate everything in his life. 

32. The Holiday (2006)

This one of my favourite related to holidays movie that I watch every winter. It’s a romantic story about two women, Amanda from LA and Iris from England, who decide to swap houses and places for Christmas. When the life of these two women is not going to be the best of times, fate brings them together, and this will forever change their life. 

33. Surviving Christmas (2004)

Thanks to the enviable hard work and perseverance, Drew Latham made a fortune. On Christmas Eve, he wants to make an offer to his girlfriend, but she breaks the relationship. Drew decides to change the atmosphere so as not to be alone during the holidays. He arrives at the house where he once spent his childhood and hires a family for Christmas. In the end of the movie you will hear the song by Judy Garland “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”.

34. Jingle All the Way (1996)

The movie is about Howard Langston, who is constantly busy at work and every time is late for family celebrations. He promises to buy his son an expensive and popular toy for Christmas – Turbo Man, however, as always, he forgets about it. When Howard nevertheless remembers his promise and rushes headlong into the store, it turns out that all copies of the toy are already sold out. But Howard does not give up and continues to search.

35. The Girls (1961)

One of the most popular Soviet films of the 60th – “Девчата” (eng. The Girls). It’s a funny and heartwarming story about Tosya Kislitsyna, who comes to work as a cook to the village of lumberjacks. The “first guy” in the village is a lumberjack Ilya, who argues with a friend that Tosya will fall in love with him. As we know, every secret becomes obvious, and only having lost Tosya, Ilya realises that he really loves her.

36. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

A young and lonely girl Lucy Moderatz works in a ticket office at the Chicago railway station. Every day she sees a handsome stranger, whom she would gladly marry. Once, on Christmas Eve, this guy is attacked right on the platform, and he is unconscious gets on the rails. At the last moment, Lucy manages to save him from certain death. She finds out that his name is Peter. He gets to the hospital and falls into a coma. Peter’s relatives who arrived there take Lucy for his bride. How Lucy will manage all this sooner or later Peter will wake up.

37. The Family Stone (2005)

On Christmas Eve, Everett Stone invites his fiancée Meredith to celebrate the holiday at his parents’ house. However, he immediately warns her that his relatives are among those who say what they think, no matter what. When the couple arrives, Everett’s family do not meet Meredith in a very friendly manner, and turn her life into a real nightmare. They expressly disagree that Everett is going to propose to his girlfriend.

38. Holiday Inn (1942)

Do you know that famous song “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby? If yes, you are going to love this movie. With music by Irving Berlin, the composer wrote twelve songs specifically for the film, the best known being “White Christmas”. What’s more: have you ever thought what is the history of the popular brand of hotels Holiday Inn? You have already two reasons to watch Holiday Inn right now. In the very centre of the plot is the singer and dancer Jim Hardy, who, having changed his view of the world, unexpectedly for many of his friends decides to leave the show business. That is how he becomes a farmer, trying to get used to a new image. After some unsuccessful moments, Jim decides to turn his farm into a full-fledged entertainment club that opens the doors to celebrations and national holidays.

39. A Princess for Christmas (2011)

There are many films about princes and princesses, but this one is a kind and warm story about Jules, who tries to raise her orphaned nephew and niece, Maddie and Milo, alone. Once she receives the invitation from children’ grandfather to come for holidays to his place. They agree to see the grandpa, however they will be surprised to know that he is Duke Edward and owns a real castle with its old traditions and his son, Prince Ashton, will come as well. The real adventure begins.

40. Love Actually (2003)

Must watch Christmas movie for everyone, no matter how old you, where are you from, and do you have a love in your life. The story tells about many love situations that are somehow connected with each other. You will see a first love, you will understand what is like when love is lost, and how to return it; you will stop being sad, you will feel happiness and love inside and outside you. All this is happening right before Christmas. And the cast is a perfect one – another reason to love this film forever.

41. National Lampoon’s Christmas (1989)

Christmas is one of the most beloved and long-awaited holidays in the whole world. For the main character Clark Griswold, this wonderful holiday turned into a real disaster. It all started with the fact that Clark wanted to make an impeccable holiday in compliance with absolutely all Christmas traditions. However, everything turned out far from what he wanted.

42. Christmas Cottage (2008)

The film takes place on Christmas Eve when Thomas and his brother Pat arrive at the house, where they used to live their childhood, to spend the upcoming holidays with their mother. The festive mood was changed after Thomas caught the eye of a notice saying that his mother can lose her home. Thomas and Pat decide to do everything possible to find the right amount of money.

43. A Very Merry Mix-Up (2013)

The main character of the film, named Alice, has grandiose plans for Christmas. Her fiancé proposed to her and invited her to meet her parents at a party. But just before leaving, he said that he would have to stay at work, and Alice flew by herself. She was left alone in an unfamiliar city where the parents of the groom live, whom she had never seen in her eyes. This is where the real adventures begin.

44. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

A mysterious threat loomed over a world in which popular mythological characters coexist with people: an evil spirit called Pitch Black wanted to fill the planet with fear and despair, turning the sweet dreams of children into terrible nightmares. Only five of those who swore to protect the guardian’s children, consisting of North, Bunnymund, Tooth Fairy, Sandy and Jack Frost can interfere with the villain’s plans.

45. A Christmas Carol (2009)

The film takes place around an elderly man named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is a terrible miser, and every day he thinks only about how to save an extra cent. He doesn’t have a bit of compassion for poor people, and for everything else. In general friendship and love are simply alien to Scrooge, and he does not consider Christmas at all as a holiday. However, on the eve of this bright and good holiday, Scrooge will have to relive his past and see the present and future, which will make him take a different look at the world.

46. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

In the modern world, children have become cynical – many believe that the real Santa, who lives beyond the Arctic Circle, does not exist at all. And there is reason for this – men dressed as Santa have shaken children’s faith. Kate and Teddy Pierce are siblings. The children decide to film Santa’s appearance in the house to dispel the doubts of those who have lost faith in the existence of the Santa Claus.

47. Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016)

The plot of the movie focuses on the main character, Livvy, who organises parties. She has a boyfriend, hoping that in the near future he would make her an offer to marry. However, he decides to break up with Livvy. In a couple of days she sees him kissing another girl. So, Livvy decides to take a revenge finding his two former girlfriends, whom he also abandoned.

48. A Wish for Christmas (2016)

Sara Thomas belongs to that type of people who prefers to do their job being in the shade. But when her boss appropriates her grandiose idea for the Christmas project, she asks Santa to make her brave and to teach her to defend herself. Santa fulfils her wish, which will last only 48 hours. During this time, Sara will understand the essence of Christmas magic and learn to stand her ground.

49. Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

The movie is about a one typical American family: Kranks. From year to year, Luther and Nora used to prepare for Christmas very responsibly. However, everything changed when their daughter Blair went to college. They decide not to celebrate Christmas anymore, and instead go somewhere to relax and save money. However, soon, the neighbours, who learned about the Kranks’ plan, begin to do everything possible to prevent them. Everything changes completely after Luther and Nora suddenly find out that their daughter will come with her boyfriend to them for Christmas.

50. Christmas with Holly (2012)

The story is about one girl Maggie, who moves to a small town, dreaming of opening her own toy store. Here she meets a handsome guy Mark, the owner of a coffee shop. Maggie finds out that in Mark’s life there is another close person – the six-year-old Holly, his niece. The girl survived the tragedy, lost her mother, and stopped talking with anyone. Maggie decides to organise a Christmas fairytale for the little one, which Holly has never had before.

51. The Santa Claus 1-3 (1994/2002/2006)

The film is about Scott Calvin. He is a successful businessman, raising his little son Charlie. The boy believes in the existence of Santa Claus. Once, an amazing event occurs with Scott – a man who looks like Santa falls from the roof of his house. Charlie is sure that this is a real Santa Claus, as sleigh with deer were parked at the house. Scott and his son decide to climb into the sled, but they did not even realise that they would move. So they find themselves in the residence of Santa, at the North Pole. Scott cannot believe what is happening around. The main elf persuades Scott to replace Santa for a while, since he fell from the roof and can not recover. Scott agrees to this adventure, but he still does not even imagine what awaits him that night.

52. Borrowed Hearts (1997)

Zoe is an ordinary seven year old child. She is inquisitive and fantasy developed beyond her years. One day, on the way home, Zoe saw a house that seemed to her toy big house. From this moment begins the tale of Cinderella, which will receive well-deserved attention and care. An ordinary single mother, Kathleen, who is forced to work hard in order to feed her daughter, agrees to become the wife of her boss, Sam, for a while, naturally for a certain amount of money. As a result, Sam reevaluates his life and understands the value and importance of the family.

53. The Family Man (2000)

Jack Campbell decides to fly to live in London. His girlfriend Kate in every possible way tries to dissuade him, but he is unshakable. Thirteen years later, Jack becomes a successful businessman. At one of the meetings, he requires all his employees to go to work on a holiday, because the company is going to make a big deal. On the way home, Jack enters a store where a guy with a gun starts to demand money. The next morning he wakes up in the house with his ex-girlfriend, Kate, and two children in a typical family house.

54. New Year’s Eve (2011)

This movie better watch around 30-31.12, as it’s about how different people prepare themselves for the New Year’s celebration. All of them have plans, wishes, dreams, regrets and challenges. During this special night they will try to change important things in their life and find a real happiness on New Year’s Eve.

55. Fred Claus (2007)

We know who Santa Claus is. But have you heard about Fred Claus, the Santa’s brother? Fred grew up in the shadow of his brother, and this led to the fact that he became his complete opposite, and lost faith in the spirit of Christmas. Once Fred flies to the North Pole at the invitation of Santa. Arriving at the place, he discovers that his brother is in a great trouble. One of the efficiency experts decided to close the toy factory, and this will itself lead to the destruction of Christmas. Fred has a very important and responsible mission on his shoulders: he has to save Christmas.

56. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

A factory producing one of the tastiest chocolates in the world is owned by a bizarre Willy Wonka. After competitors managed to steal the secrets of chocolate production, no one else comes to the factory. But once Willy, having hidden five tickets in chocolates, announces that the children who found them will be able to visit his factory, and only one of them will receive a valuable prize. One of these lucky ones is the boy Charlie, who grew up in a poor family. This fascinating tour of the chocolate factory will forever change his life, and Willy Wonka as well.

57. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

During a holiday arranged by the store on Christmas Eve, the actor who played Santa Claus was discovered in a terribly drunk state. Doris Walker, the director of the parade, persuades passer Kris Kringle to be instead of Santa. After a dizzying success, Kringle gets a job at the store. Chris claims to be a real Santa Claus. He proves this not only by words, but also by deed, witnesses of this are Doris and her daughter Susan, growing up without a father.

58. Arthur Christmas (2011)

Santa Claus, as always, is busy delivering gifts with his faithful elf helpers. His eldest son – Steve, for whom the holiday is devoid of any charm, dreams of taking his father’s place. The youngest son of Santa is Arthur, the exact opposite of the prudent and greedy older brother. He works in the mail department, and nobody takes him seriously. Once an error occurs and forget to deliver the bike of one girl. The whole family finds out about this, but only Arthur takes up this matter, any way to deliver a gift before Christmas.

59. Bounce (2000)

On Christmas Eve, Buddy Amaral, picking up a beautiful girl at the airport, gives his ticket to a man hurrying home to his family. And this plane crashes. Time passes, and Buddy decides to go to the widow of the deceased in order to somehow help her. He wants to make amends, but, having met Abby and her children, he falls in love for the first time. And now he does not know how to tell her that he is the one who was supposed to fly in that plane.

60. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

The story is about George Bailey’s life. He is on the verge of despair due to a lot of problems. All this leads to the fact that on the eve of one of the kindest and brightest holidays – Christmas, George is visited by the idea of ​​suicide. But he always dreamed of traveling, but because of a number of life circumstances, he could not leave his hometown. And so, when George was ready to shorten his life by jumping from the bridge, his guardian angel – Clarence – appeared before him. He helps the hero to look at life from the other side, and he understands how wonderful it really is.

61. Carnival Night (1956)

On the very eve of the New Year, when the workers of the House of Culture are ready to launch a perfectly rehearsed entertainment program, comrade Ogurtsov, who was appointed as the acting director, intervenes in the creative process. He dislikes the program categorically, and he decides to replace the “frivolous” numbers with “serious” performances. However, brisk youth is determined to circle the bore around the finger.

62. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2016)

Jake is a sneaky college student, while being selfish and cunning. He needs to be at home before the Christmas dinner, or he can lose the stunning Porsche promised to him by his father. And when he has a few hours left, he wakes up in the middle of the desert dressed as Santa Claus, and in his pocket there is zero penny. He will fly or swim, jump or make his way, just to be at home on time.

63. Daddy’s Home 1-2 (2015/2017)

Dusty Mayron broke up with his wife Linda and is now forced to live away from her beloved children. After some time, Linda marries her beloved man, Brad, who is raising her children and is very happy to find such a wonderful family. However, after their wedding, Dusty realised that he simply could not live without his former family and now he is ready to do everything to return her. Of course, Brad is not happy about the appearance of the ex-husband of his wife, who is not only handsome, but also a real man in every sense of the word. From this moment, men begin a real struggle for the attention of children.

64. A Christmas Prince 1-3 (2017/2018/2019)

Amber, an ambitious, aspiring journalist from New York. Suddenly, fate presents her with a fantastic opportunity to change her career by writing material about the royal family from Aldovia. In this state, the king died, and it was time to take his place as a young and charming Prince Richard. The public knows little about this man, besides the fact that he is a hot smoothie who has many novels behind him, and he is also going to abdicate. Without thinking twice, Amber goes to the epicentre of events and makes himself a tutor of the royal daughter. This legend allows her to get closer to the mysterious prince and learn more about the life of the whole family.

65. Last Christmas (2019)

The main character – a simple girl named Kate – works as a saleswoman for holiday products and leads a friendship with alcohol. But one day, fate brings her to the beautiful stranger Tom, who seems to her like a fairy-tale prince, whom she did not deserve. And then he again helps her to believe in herself and find happiness.

66. The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

Most of the last time Bishop Henry Brougham devoted to the realisation of his dream – the construction of a new cathedral, but a substantial amount of cash is needed to realise his aspirations. Henry gives his whole soul to the building process, for which grateful parishioners made donations, while the bishop’s family life is rapidly falling into the abyss. The beautiful wife Julia and the little daughter see their father less and less. The situation changes dramatically when a new resident appears in his hometown, assuring everyone that he is an angel sent from heaven. At first, Henry does not enjoy confidence in a stranger, because the world is full of various charlatans and scammers, but the man does small miracles in order to convince fellow citizens that he is a real angel.

67. Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Elizabeth Lane is a TV presenter in New York – she is a cook-talk hostess and has already published several of her cookbooks. Recently, she has been experiencing problems – her show is no longer as popular as before, and is gradually slipping into TV ratings lower and lower. Her manager arranges for Elizabeth to do a special live show on Christmas, where she will cook a Christmas dinner. However, she can’t cook and it will be difficult “ to cook” in from of the camera.

68. Holiday Affair (1949)

Connie is a single mother, raising a six-year-old son and working as a commercial spy. One day at Christmas, Connie buys a children’s railway with the goal of passing it the next morning. A pretty seller, Steve, after hearing her tearful story, draws up a return for her goods and loses his job. In this way, Connie and Steve meet and spend most of the day together. Connie almost forgot that she agreed with her fiancé Carl to marry him on New Year’s, but she still has five days left. Steve, getting along well with the children, finds in the person of Timmy, son of Connie, his greatest friend.

69. White Christmas (1954)

Two former war veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, two very talented guys, join together in a singing and dancing duet, and soon become one of the best in all of America. Once the guys get acquainted with the female duet, and together they decide to perform a gala concert in support of the skiers’ holiday home, headed by their former commander.

70. A Christmas Tale (2008)

Junon and Abel are an elderly married couple in whose house, for the first time in six years, the whole family gathers. Elizabeth, the eldest daughter, arrives with her son. The youngest son, Ivan, brings with him the devoted wife Sylvia and two children. Henri, who always gave parents a lot of trouble, arrives with his mistress. Also, the nephew Simon, should come to the gala dinner. They all look forward to the holiday in a cozy family circle, but whether it will bring them joy, because each member of the family has their own secrets.

71. It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)

Aloysius McKeever, a homeless vagabond who loves luxury, spends winters in expensive mansions empty at this time of year. This time, he fell in love with the home of billionaire Michael O’Connor on Fifth Avenue. Once he meets a homeless World War II veteran Jim Bullock and offers him “his” shelter. Soon, 18-year-old Trudy O’Connor joins them, who allegedly escaped from a despot father. Between Jim and Trudy, according to the laws of the genre, romantic feelings flare up. But neither Jim nor McKeever even suspect who Trudy really is.

72. Remember the Night (1940)

On Christmas Eve, Lee Leander was caught stealing in a store. This is her third crime. Her case is led by John Sargent. He asks the court to adjourn the trial, as it is difficult to get a conviction on Christmas Eve. But John sympathises Lee, releases her on bail, and eventually takes her home to her mother for Christmas. Surrounded by a loving family (especially compared to the Lee family), Lee and John fall in love with each other.

73. The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

“Matyushek & Co” is a small shop selling souvenirs and gifts. One of the employees, Alfred Kralik, a very handsome young man, is passionately in love with a girl. He never saw this girl with his own eyes. He met her in absentia, by correspondence. He is working together with Klara Nova, who also is in correspondence with a young man. Little do they know, they are each the other’s pen pal and, despite outward differences, have unwittingly fallen in love through their letters.

74. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Kathleen and Joe are chatting online. Both have a soulmate, but they can only pour out souls to each other. Kathleen is the owner of a small bookstore for children’s literature, which she got from her mother. For her, this is an oasis of humanity, warmth and culture. Joe has a network of huge bookstores. Soon, Kathleen becomes aware that Joe is the owner of these supermarkets, which threaten her ruin. She immediately hated her competitor, but on the net their romance continued.

75. A Christmas Story (1983)

On Christmas Eve, a nine-year-old American boy Ralphie, clinging to the window of a large store, dreams of a Red Ryder BB gun, the hero of that time, beloved by all the boys. For Ralphie, this would be the most coveted Christmas present. Ralphie’s desire is so great that he decides to ask mom and dad. Father begins to grumble, mother is horrified at such a dangerous present. But, the little hero does not give up, he decides to take a desperate step: asks Santa Claus for a treasured gift, however, in order to meet him in a large supermarket, the boy needs to overcome a lot of difficulties.

76. Holiday in the Wild (2019)

When suddenly Kate’s husband puts an end to their marriage, she sets off alone on her second honeymoon to Africa, where an unexpected new romance awaits her as well as new adventures. She meets a handsome Derek, a pilot, who rescue a baby elephant. While nursing the elephant back to health, Kate discovers how much she loves Africa and that she could stay here forever. However, her son decides to leave university and this creates some problems. Will she leave Africa?

77. An Affair to Remember (1957)

On board a comfortable ocean liner met singer Terry McKay and the famous conqueror of female hearts Nickie Ferrante. They fell in love at first sight, despite the scandalous reputation of Ferrante and the fact that both were engaged. Well aware of the fragility of strong passion, the lovers agreed: if, after six months, their feelings for each other won’t become cool, they will certainly meet on the roof of the Empire State Building. Upon arrival in New York, they broke up, Terry left with her fiancé Kenneth, and Nickie went to his bride Lois. Six months have passed, and Nickie Ferrante rises to the roof of the agreed house.

78. Let It Snow (2019)

At the epicentre of events is the small town, which found itself under the drifts of a snowstorm. The outbreak of bad weather literally cut off the city from the outside world. One girl dares to take a bold step – she gets out of the stuck express to have a snack with rich waffles in the nearest diner. Just at this moment, the streets are again beginning to fall asleep with large flakes of snow. But the heroine manages to get to the cafe. She does not even suspect that her courageous act launches a chain of events in which several heroes will become participants.

79. The Night Before Christmas (1962)

This is a funny story about how on the Christmas night in the Ukrainian village near Dikanki everyone got caught by a devil who was invited by unforgettable lady Solokha, how the blacksmith Vakula, having saddled the demon, managed to bring his beloved Oksana “little shoes”, taking them from the Queen in Petersburg.

80. The Irony of Fate 1-2 (1975/2007)

During the New Year, Zhenya Lukashin and his friends traditionally go to the bath. They drink and mistakenly send Zhenya to the airport, where he flies to Leningrad (despite being in Moscow) and spends New Year’s Eve in another’s apartment with another’s bride. But as a result of these feuds, the hero finds a great love.

81. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

Ellen Langford is a young, ambitious and a little messy heiress to a large company with multi-million dollar capital. However, entering into their legal rights is not so simple. So that the daughter, finally, was able to manage the family heritage, the father instructs her to deliver a special Christmas card, addressed to his former business partner, in Snow Falls – a small, cozy town. However, there Ellen has to stay for a longer time than she expected: in these days a snow storm raged, because of which it becomes simply unrealistic to leave the town in the near future. Ellen is forced to face new life challenges, adapt to an unusual situation and take responsibility.

82. Every Day’s a Holiday (1937)

Fraudster Peaches O`Day, in order to avoid arrest, impersonates a famous French singer. In this image, she manages to expose the dishonest police chief and help the candidate to become mayor.

83. Letters to Santa (2011)

This is a film made by Poland in which the heroes lost in life will discover that what happened to them is love. On one exceptional day of the year, five women and five men will be convinced that it is impossible to escape from love and coming holidays.

84. The Christmas Train (2017)

On Christmas Eve, filmmaker Max and his colleague Eleanor await boarding a train from Washington to Los Angeles. He offers her to try to write her own script, especially since they will have to spend several days on the road. The theme of the novel, Eleanor, selects the train and its passengers. The same opinion is shared by journalist Tom, who specifically purchased a train ticket to write a book about how people celebrate Christmas on a train. He walks along the wagons, enjoying the company of people and their life stories. Soon he meets Max and starts a conversation with him, but the meeting with Eleanor becomes a big surprise for him.

85. The Princess Switch (2018)

Stacy is a young girl who works in a candy store and is responsible for her business. On Christmas Eve, she always has a lot of clients, because everyone likes her sweets in the form of holiday attributes. Stacy does not want to leave the store even for a while, but agrees with friends to take a rest. Arriving in a strange city, she learns that its inhabitants are preparing for the marriage of the prince and the Duchess of Montenaro, which no one has yet seen. On the same day, she accidentally meets the Duchess of Montenaro, and finds out that they look so similar. Having talked, the girls decide for a while to swap places, so that the future princess will live some days among simple people to understand them better.

86. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

Having received an unusual Christmas present, young Clara embarks on an exciting journey through mysterious places: the Sugar Plum Fairy of the Land of Sweets; Shiver of the Land of Snowflakes, and Hawthorne of the Land of Flowers. But the girl needs to get into the fourth kingdom, where she will have to face an entire army of mice led by the incredibly dangerous Mouse King from the Land of Amusements.

87. Get Santa (2014)

Father and son – an ordinary family that prepares for Christmas and does not even suspect what adventures await them ahead. They find in their garage Santa Claus, who was wrecked and eventually hides from the police. It is not possible to save the old man from law enforcement. Now father and son have to travel to Lapland, find the Rudolph deer, try to find a common language with a group of elves and save Christmas.

88. Frozen 1-2 (2013/2019)

Local king and queen raise two beautiful daughters. There is only one trouble, the eldest of them has magical powers, and is able to create everything related to ice and snow. And then one day, during a game with Anna, Elsa accidentally gets her little sister’s right in the head. Very frightened, she was a covenant to help her parents. Not knowing what to do, they decide to turn to the trolls for help, and their elder manages to save Anna by erasing all her memories regarding her sister’s magic. To Elsa, he warns that she needs, as soon as possible, to learn to control her abilities otherwise she will be in inevitable trouble.

89. Jack Frost (1998)

Jack Frost seeks to provide the best possible life for his son, so his work is connected with constant traveling, business trips do not allow him to spend much time with his beloved son. During one of the trips, a terrible thing happened, Jack had a terrible car accident, the doctors could not save him and he died, without saying goodbye to his son. However, fate gave him a second chance, higher forces decided to return him to the world of people, but not in the usual way. Jack turned into a Snowman, and from that moment his amazing adventures began. Even in this strange way, he will try to establish relations with his family and prove to them that he loves them very much.

90. The Grinch (2018)

This movie is about the village of Whoville. And near it in the cave, hidden from outsiders and visitors, the evil, gloomy and displeased Grinch lives, a strange creature of green colour. Many years ago, the inhabitants of the town caused him a serious offence. From that moment on, the Grinch hates the joy of all the inhabitants of the city. He spends his days in the company of a dog named Max, who became his only one friend. The closer the onset of the next holiday, the stronger the hatred of the Grinch. He decides to spoil the residents of the city with fun, thereby paying back for their rudeness shown in the past.

91. Christmas with Willy Wuff 1-3 (1994/1995/1997)

This story is about a family consisted of father, his son and his new girlfriend. They come to the Alps to spend together holidays. When they come to the house, the son meets a new friend, Willy Wuff, a very nice and kind dog. Some funny things happen and in the end, everyone understands something very important for themselves.

92. Sex and the City (2008)

Maybe some of you already watched this film. And you may know, that this story is about 4 women, who are all different and have their own life stories about love, beauty, relations and friendship. There will be one moment, when New Year will come and all what will be matter is being with the beloved one.

93. Office Christmas Party (2016)

On the eve of Christmas, an inspector visits a branch of a decent IT company. The bitchy-looking Carol Vanstone recently assumed the position of CEO and, in all seriousness, began to clean up distant branches. The situation is complicated by the fact that Carol is the sister of the current head of the company, Clay Vanstone. At a general meeting, Carol announces the loss-making of the branch, and intends to close the branch, thereby putting her brother in a difficult position. Clay is desperate, with all his strength, trying to maintain his authority, making attempts to rehabilitate himself. But all attempts are in vain. When there is nothing to lose, Clay decides to roll up a great corporate party for employees!

94. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

The main character is well versed in advertising, and receives good dividends for this. But not far off Thanksgiving, on which his family was already waiting for him. The main thing is to have time to fly out of New York. But weather conditions do not allow to reach relatives quickly. Finding himself in a hopeless situation, Neil decides to cross the path in another way. Of course, such a journey will drag on for several days, but the hero had no choice. On the road, he meets the eccentric Del Griffith. He chatters incessantly and is too intrusive. At first, Neil was annoyed by empty talk. But gradually he manages to cope with an oppressive feeling. In addition, he will have to endure a companion to Chicago itself. 

95. Metropolitan (1990)

The wealthy youth of Manhattan is beginning to get bored, they are thinking about how to diversify their entertainment. They would like a new sensation, something sharp. They believe that they have already learned everything about the life. But a novice joined their company, scattering their illusions into dust!

96. Mixed Nuts (1994)

Philip is a romantic and optimistic person in life who heads the rescue service. On Christmas Eve, a lot of people want to commit suicide, and the rescue phone is simply torn from constant calls. Philip and his subordinates are trying as carefully as possible to listen to people who have decided to put an end to life, and do everything possible to dissuade them. But to do this is very difficult, especially after they learned about the closure of their organisation, in which they have invested so much. After such news, however, Philip stays optimistic, who even in this situation finds its advantages.

97. Why Him (2016)

A great comedy for all family! From childhood, the charming baby Stephanie becomes for Ned and Barb, the girl’s happy parents, the real centre of the universe. Years passed, and now Stephanie is a young independent confident girl who one day invites her parents to meet her chosen one. The chosen one is Laird Mayhew, a well-known and very rich young man who not only behaves extremely defiantly, but does not at all try to follow his own speech, swearing dirty in the presence of his wife and son, which immediately causes dissatisfaction with the head of the family.

98. Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

Trudie has often been unlucky lately. At first, she hoped that she would be hired for a good job, but unexpectedly failed the interview. Now she has to work in a cafe as a regular waitress. On top of that, her boyfriend left her right before Christmas. And now what she can do? But the way out is unexpected and unusual. Trudy kidnapped a visitor from their cafe! But for what reason did she decide on such an unusual act? She makes the guy pretend to be her boyfriend during the Christmas holidays.

99. Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

Wedding organiser Kelsey has a luxury wedding for his cousin. Everything goes smoothly until a cute detective Connor appears. Hired by an unknown person, Connor quickly destroys the upcoming wedding and wins Kelsey’s heart.

100. Royal Matchmaker (2018)

A successful and popular matchmaker in certain circles knows how to find a suitable companion for her clients. One sunny day, King Edward himself turned to her for help. The monarch asked the girl to find for the son of the heir to the throne, Sebastian, a suitable bride brought up, well-read and with good manners. Kate meets directly with the prince who immediately provoked the girl with rather conflicting feelings, since he seemed to her very arrogant and ill-mannered. But the more time Kate spent time with the prince, the more he opened for the girl from the positive side.


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