In the life of every girl there is such a moment when an unobtrusive thought about a wedding flashes. More specifically I am talking about the wedding dress. Long, short, luxurious, white, cream, pearl, in flowers, beads, birds or patterns? Or maybe a little pink and lace with a small veil and a train? The choice is so great that you start to go crazy. You can think about it constantly, it’s not difficult. The situation is complicated when you really are going to marry a handsome man and this exciting day is just around the corner. All the brides used to be little girls dreaming of a fairy-tale prince, a magical wedding and a magnificent dress. The idea of a perfect celebration is woven from children’s dreams, weddings of friends and glossy fashion magazines. Therefore, every bride wants the most important day to be the brightest and most memorable in her life.

Have you already chosen a dress?

You are the future bride, and the question arises, where to look for inspiration and find the perfect wedding gown? If your wedding is planned for 2020, now is the right time to check the new Bridal Fall 2020 collection.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is an American-Filipino fashion designer. She designed the first gown for her own marriage, as she couldn’t find that one dream-dress for the wedding. When others saw Monique in a beautiful dress, they started to dream about her wedding dresses. So, that’s how the business began. Lhuillier has become especially well-known for her celebrity wedding and red carpet gowns. The list of stars includes Blake Lively, Demi Lovato, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, Emma Stone and others.

For 2020 Bridal Season Lhuillier’s love of flowers was enhanced. The ivory dress with sleeves is decorated with a bright botanical print and butterflies; the trumpet dress was made of intricate guipure lace with a floral motif; and the low-waist tulle ball gown was covered in voluminous three-dimensional flower pompoms.

Monique Lhuillier Spring Season 2020

Monique Lhuillier Fall Season 2020

Oscar de la Renta

As it said, if you are going to be a bride, so you should be in a gown from Oscar de la Renta. This brand always reminds me one scene from a TV-show “Sex and the City”, the last 6th season, when Carrie is dating the Russian artist, Alexander. She reads a fashion magazine and highlights a beautiful dress from Oscar de la Renta. Then Alexander says that he knows Oscar and if she likes a dress, he can get to know more about it. Carrie is shocked how Alexander is calling him, just “Oscar” as he is his best friend. And on the next day, she receives a surprise in a box – that pink dress from Oscar de la Renta, that Carrie saw in the magazine. Nice, yes? In a nutshell, the new ODLR Bridal Season 2020 is full of elegance, beauty, femininity, brightness and gloss.

ODLR Spring Season 2020

ODLR Spring Fall 2020

Carolina Herrera

The Bridal Spring 2020 from Carolina Herrera is so white and graceful. Every dress makes you a real princess, especially if you are planning a wedding in the garden. As well as the Bridal Fall 2020 is so magical, I already can imagine such bride somewhere in the park full of autumn colourful leaves. Herrera’s elegance is seen in every gown, and for the fall season the ultimate luxury was hidden in details. For example, a pastry dress made of tulle revealed a delightful secret: a lace base. Exquisitely embroidered camellias were hidden under a transparent tulle on another model. Spring collections was inspired by the looks of Grace Kelly. Two words: sophisticated and light.

Carolina Herrera Spring Season 2020

Carolina Herrera Fall Season 2020

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad is really known for his incredible gowns. Many stars and future brides often choose the projects from this brand. And I am not surprised: the looks are so feminine and angelic, that’s how every girl should look like. From the Spring collection you can find inspiration in flowery dresses, tulle train and puffy ball gowns. They have a scent of Spanish weddings, matadors, and flamenco dancers. On the other hand, designer for his Fall 2020 wedding collection decided to blend the organic beauty of nature with the high glamor of the wedding. Exquisitely embroidered ball gowns and A-line dresses appear in new rustic shades of blush and soft beige. The collection was filmed in bucolic fields.

Zuhair Murad Spring Season 2020

Zuhair Murad Fall Season 2020

Galia Lahav

One more designer, who makes your dream come true. Seriously, just a real fairy tale, where you can be a beautiful and magical bride. The dresses are so unbelievably wonderful that even words couldn’t describe its glory. The Fall season represents puffy white ball gowns embroidered with flowers and beads. If you take a look at the Fall collection, you will be moved to the theatre. The looks were photographed on the main scene and in the halls. The gowns are totally out of the box. You can see such types as A-line, ball gowns and mermaid gowns.

Galia Lahav Spring Season 2020

Galia Lahav Fall Season 2020

Vera Wang

When I think about Vera Wang bridal gowns, it reminds me a crazy powerful girl, who wants to remember a perfect marriage time. Everything should be on the highest level. The gowns from Vera Wang symbolises femininity, wildness, elegance and natural beauty. It’s a great choice for amazing and definitely wonderful women, who want to feel self-confident and look totally awesome during their most important day. Wait, who said “day”? Maybe you should have fun during the whole week?? If yes, there will be a need for more than one wedding dress for sure. Check the highlights from Bridal Fall 2020 collection by Vera Wang.

Vera Wang Spring Season 2020

Vera Wang Fall Season 2020


Pure beauty… these two words come to my mind. The collection is so delicate and romantic, it seems, love is always in the air. I like especially that one from the fall collection, a white ball gown embroidered with flowers combined with a long light bridal veil. That’s how a beautiful bride should look like, and with the real flowers in her hair. A magical fairy tale comes in the spring collection: wonderful bridal creations making you a true Goddess. I can clearly imagine the wedding: a picturesque colourful garden, a lot of roses, wearing a Marchesa ball gown and feeling so happy… all bride-to-be girls are dreaming about this, yes?

Marchesa Spring Season 2020

Marchesa Fall Season 2020

Daalarna Couture

If you want to be surrounded by flowers, you don’t need to plan your wedding in the garden, villa or park. Just take a dress made by Daalarna, nearly every dress is embroidered with beautiful white roses, lilies,… make you feel like being in the bridal “paradise”. I fell in love with one special dress, where flowers hide the chest of the model, and then going down, there are as well some flowers added, creating the effect of falling flowers. It’s such a romantic dress! Coming back to the times of Juliet and Romeo. Such empire V-neck gown will look perfect during the sunset wedding ceremony.

Daalarna Couture Spring 2020

Vivienne Westwood

Oh, Vivienne Westwood! That’s a dream bridal gown! Remember when Carrie in the film “Sex and the City” was trying different wedding dresses, and finally the most glorious and wonderful was made by Vivienne Westwood? Yes, it was a great happiness for her (check the photos in the end of this article), saying “a dress so special, it could bring a wedding tear from even the most unbelieving of women”. That’s how it was, is and will be.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2020

Zac Posen 

I would add as well the creations of Zac Posen to the list of Bridal 2020 collections. Especially that one a dream ball gown coloured in the slightly violet from Spring 2020 Collection. This dress is so pure and beautiful, very delicate and sweet. What’s more: the cooperation with White One: Fall, will bring all your dreams to life. Every look is very feminine, there are many bridal styles that will make every girl happy in her special day. 

Zac Posen Spring Ready-to-Wear 2020

Zac Posen for White One Fall 2020

Tadashi Shoji, Anne Barge and Lein

I really adore some Bridal looks from 3 fashion brands such as Tadashi Shoji, Anne Barge and Lein. You can see quite elegant and shiny gowns that will be perfect for every bride’s type. Check them below!


If you are looking for feminine and light dresses – these bridal gowns are a great choice for you. The style is inspired by Victorian centuries. The fit and flare gowns are a total lush with ruffle details. All dresses are embroidered with flowers, different elements and lace. There are many beautiful types of gowns that will help you to make a correct selection of what you really would love to wear.

Costarellos Spring 2020

Reem Acra

What about a cool and fashionable marriage in the city center? Even hotter, who wants to get married in NYC? That sounds so perfect! Check the bridal collection from Reem Acra. The photo session was made on the streets of New York. Especially I like two long bridal gowns near the flowers – so stylish and graceful. Also, the combination of the dark sunglasses with a white dress is a nice idea for a girl, who is addicted to fashion.

Reem Acra Fall 2020

In the end of my article I thought it would be quite inspirational to check the whole collection of bridal gowns that Carrie Bradshaw from SATC (the first film) was wearing during her photo session for Vogue Bridal Season. It was some time ago, but still all these creations are so romantic, sophisticated, modern and really voguish. I guess nowadays they are very fashionable and classy as well as the newest ones. In the list you will find such brands as Oscar de la Renta, Christian Lacroix, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and Lanvin.

I hope you enjoyed all the bridal looks that I chose and decided to share with you. If you are a future bride or just like me you like white dresses that could be wore actually for any occasion, this article is for you. 

If you know some more bridal dresses that took hold of your heart, just share in the comments. I would be happy to see new insights in bridal world that I could miss. Let’s share with each other. And for girls “bride to be”, I really congratulate you with maybe the best day in your life when your man proposed you to marry him. I wish you all the best, and may my article will inspire you to choose the right bridal gown.

Stay tuned!

xoxo meunierka

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