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It was quite a dynamic month and I didn’t have time to post anything, #sorry. Still, I was preparing the list of 35 travel films for you and finally it’s here! I invite you to check the whole blog post with film descriptions and travel destinations to be inspired by. I hope you will enjoy the movies. If you know some more travel films, just comment below the article. Let’s share our knowledge! 

Have a great movie time!

1. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Countries: Italy, India and Bali

I guess many of you might know this film; still I add it here to my list of travel films. I really like watching it. When I search for some motivation, “Eat Pray Love” always comes to my mind. What’s interesting, the film inspired me to go to Napoli in Italy and to try the most delicious pizza in the world. And what do you think? The pizza was incredibly tasty! 

Back to film. In a nutshell, this movie is about a writer, Liz Gilbert, who suddenly understands that what she has in your life isn’t enough. She wants to step out of her comfort zone and goes firstly to Italy (to eat good meal – Eat), then to India (to find in what she truly believes – Pray) and in the end to Bali, where she finds her love (Love). During her journey Liz meets many new friends and understands the difference of cultures, religion and life itself. That’s what we all need, yes?

Leading actors: Julia Roberts (Liz), Javier Bardem (Felipe), and Richard Jenkins (Richard).

2. Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

Country: China

Seven years in Tibet is a historical drama film. The movie’s story is about an Austrian mountaineer Heinrich, who attempts to scale a Himalayan peak. However, the Second World War is interrupting the expedition. Heinrich experiences many adventures and after he appears in Tibet, where he meets the Dalai Lama and understands what is life about.

A serious movie to watch, still you will find there a great actor’s play and the beautiful landscapes of Tibet. Choose this film when outside is a terrible weather and you having a mood to stay in bed and watch something that needs your full attention. 

Leading actors: Brad Pitt (Heinrich) and David Thewlis (Peter).

3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Country: Spain

If you are searching films that show the hot Spanish emotions, Vicky Christina Barcelona should be on your list.

This film is about two American friends, who came to Spain for a summer vacation. While visiting an art gallery, they meet a painter, Juan, who proposes them a week of delicious food and passionate sex. Everything goes crazy, when the former love of Juan returns to him.

Leading actors: Rebecca Hall (Vicky), Scarlett Johansson (Cristina), Penélope Cruz (Maria Elena) and Javier Bardem (Juan).

4. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Country: France

Easy to fall in love with Paris after watching this movie.

Time to dive into the beautiful world of 20s in Paris. The story is about a Hollywood screenwriter, Gil Pender, who comes to Paris together with his fiancée, Inez, where her parents already have a vacation time. Once at night, while working around Parisian streets, Gil meets some people, who invite him to join them for a party, all being dressed in 20s wardrobe. They go to the party organized by Jean Cocteau, where he meets Cole Porter, becomes friends with Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker, runs into Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dalí and Juan Belmonte and others. After coming back to hotel, no one believes him. Next evening Gil again goes back to 20s. Spending time with great artists, writers, dancers, singers, he understands something new for him and his life: Gil wants to stay and live in Paris, but what would say about this Inez?

Leading actors: Owen Wilson (Gil), Rachel McAdams (Inez), Marion Cotillard (Adriana), Carla Bruni (Museum Guide), Tom Hiddleston (F. Scott Fitzgerald) and Adrien Brody (Salvador Dali).

5. Lost in Translation (2003)

Country: Japan

What is like to live in a non-stop active city like Tokyo without knowing the language and its culture?

Feeling a bit lonely, the movie star, Bob Harris, and Charlotte, who moved to Tokyo with her boyfriend, meet for the first time in Tokyo. Bob came to this city to film an advertisement for whiskey, and his family is in America. So, Charlotte and Bob, they feel lost in Tokyo, and when they meet and start to talk, they create something beautiful, they escape from the lights of Tokyo and its noise.

Leading actors: Bill Murray (Bob) and Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte).

6. Out of Africa (1985)

Continent: Africa

A young Meryl Streep and beautiful views of African beauty.

Planned to be a daily farmer, the aristocratic Karen Blixen, comes to Africa together with her husband, Bror, where she becomes a coffee planter. When she discovers that Bror is not faithful to her, she falls in love with a hunter, Denys. All this happens being surrounded by African amazing natural landscapes, culture, animals and habitants.

Leading actors: Meryl Streep (Karen) and Robert Redford (Denys).

7. Roman Holiday (1953)

Country: Italy

One of my favorite actresses is Audrey Hepburn. So, there is no surprise this film is on my list. Additionally, you can dive into the Italian world and spontaneous romantic love story in Rome.

Roman Holiday is about a princess, Ann, who visits Rome for one night. However, after taking the pills from her doctor for a good sleep, she falls asleep in the park. Later on the American reporter will find Ann and take her back home. He will understand that she is a princess and will try to take an interview. What is going to happen in the end? You know, love is in the air.

Leading actors: Audrey Hepburn (Ann) and Gregory Peck (Joe).

8. Leap Year (2010)

Country: Ireland

Just for the information, leap year is a calendar year containing an additional day added to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year [from Wiki]. That’s a perfect moment for unexpected decisions and crazy behavior. If you want to watch a nice romantic comedy and to see the real weather and habits of Ireland, this is a great movie to choose.

So, the story is about a girl, Anna, who wants to get married and waiting for the proposal from her boyfriend. She lives with him many years. Anna decided to make a proposal by her own, meaning, she comes to Dublin to her boyfriend, where it’s said that women can ask men to marry them during the leap year. However, from the beginning of her journey she has some troubles and meets an Irish guy, Declan, who will her to the true love though Ireland. Is it a true love? Or maybe it will be a good occasion for Anna to rethink her life? Watch the movie!

Leading actors: Amy Adams (Anna), Matthew Goode (Declan) and Adam Scott (Jeremy).

9. Wild (2014)

Place: the Pacific Crest Trail (USA)

I would recommend this film for women. It’s a hard and an emotional drama that shows what happens when you loose your life and there are no ideas how to start living again.

The movie is about a woman, Cheryl, who lost her mother and in the same time her marriage is ruined, she fights with depression and putting back her life together. To handle this, Cheryl decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with a heavy backpack and without any knowledge of wild life. This is going to be a big experience and will allow Cheryl to feel free. Maybe she will find the light that will give her a new breath. 

Leading actors: Reese Witherspoon (Cheryl) and Laura Dern (Bobbi).

10. The Terminal (2004)

If you got lost in the airport of NYC

I really like this film. When I know that I am going to fly somewhere the next day, I always watch The Terminal. This is a perfect movie, especially if you experienced once or more in your life the flights delays or canceling… and I guess, you are. A little bit of drama and comedy, this film will change your opinion about airports and how everything works there. What’s more: for me the main role played by Tom Hanks is one of the best roles in his career.

All begins in the airport of New York, where comes Viktor Navorski from an Eastern country. However, he was refused to go out of the airport, as when he was flying to USA, the war has began in his country. So, he’s trapped in the airport of NYC. She starts to live there and to adapt to airport’s life, which is not so easy. Viktor event found a job, new friends and a love there. With the last one is a quite big problem: how you can build the relationship when you are stuck in the airport and you can’t leave it?

Leading actors: Tom Hanks (Viktor Navorski), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Amelia) and Zoe Saldana (Dolores).

11. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 1-2 (2011/2015)

Country: India

Thinking what’s like to go to India and to live in the real Indian hotel? What if you are enough old for big surprises, and you are planning an operation, searching for new friends and love? This film you can watch whenever you want, no matter what kind of weather is outside. You will see the real India and how people live, work and fall in love there. It’s a wonderful journey, which you can spent with travelers, who want to try the taste of the best exotic Marigold Hotel in India.

This story is about several British people, who had already a long life before, so that they decided to stay in an exotic retirement home, named the Marigold Hotel. When the travelers come to the hotel, they find out that the advertising of it was a little bit different than how it looks like in real life. They meet the manager Sonny Kapoor, who tries to control the hotel and has his own problems with his girlfriend and mother. Still, some of them after spending some days outside the hotel understand that it’s not important how clean or comfortable it is in the place they stay, on the other hand, they find out how beautiful and amazing India is.

Leading actors: Judi Dench (Evelyn), Bill Nighy (Douglas), Maggie Smith (Muriel), Dev Patel (Sonny), Celia Imrie (Madge), Penelope Wilton (Jean), Tom Wilkinson (Graham) and Ronald Pickup (Norman).

12. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Country: Italy

We all have such moments, when you feel that it’s time to change something in your life, especially if you recently had a divorce, lost your house and money. When everything is so bad, there is only one good decision: to go to Italy. Agree?

So, the story of the film is about Frances Mayes, who accept the invitation from her two friends to take a tour of Italy, Tuscan. While going by bus, she suddenly sees an old beautiful Tuscan villa. Frances understands that this place could bring her a better life and she immediately buys it. Frances meets new friends, families, starts to understand a real Italian life and finds her love. What’s more: there will be even marriage and a newborn… Watch the whole film and plan your next trip to Tuscan.

Leading actors: Diane Lane (Frances), Vincent Riotta (Martini) and Sandra Oh (Patti).

13. A Good Year (2006)

Country: France

Sometimes the real happiness is to enjoy the simple things. The crazy life of capitals can be so hard and noisy, a big chaos of emotions, people, events and money. That’s why it’s always a good idea to run away from it, for example to the French outback.

The film is about a banker, Max Skinner, who works in London. Once he receives a message that his uncle has died and all what he had, Max inherits: a vineyard in Provence, where Max used to spend his summer holidays in childhood. However, during his adult life, Max has changed a lot regarding his attitude to life values in a bad way. He wants to sell the villa and to get money for it because he doesn’t see the point of having the house in France. Suddenly an American girl comes to the villa and tells that she is a daughter of Max’s uncle. That’s a huge problem for Max, and he plans how to get around this fact. Will he understand that villa is a wonderful place to stay in? Or maybe he will meet a beautiful woman, who will change his life?

Leading actors: Russell Crowe (Max), Marion Cotillard (Fanny), Abbie Cornish (Christie) and Tom Hollander (Charlie).

14. Queen of the Desert (2015)

Continent: Africa

I really love the films with Nicole Kidman. She is a great actress with a big experience. Her roles are usually very powerful and difficult to be played. For example, the recently famous TV-show Big Little Lies, The Golden Compass, Grace of Monaco, Aquaman. This time you can dive in the African beauty and history.

Queen of the Desert is about a true story of the life of British explorer and adventurer, Gertrude Bell. The film shows her journeys in the Middle East during the early 20th century. Beside the amazing beauty of landscapes, Gertrude finds both love and loss.

Leading actors: Nicole Kidman (Gertrude), Robert Pattinson (T. E. Lawrence) and James Franco (Henry).

15. Kon-Tiki (2012)

Place: across the Pacific from Peru to Polynesia

I think many of you might know this story about a brave group, who decided to cross the Pacific from Peru to Polynesia aboard the small raft. If you feel that there is nothing left to explore, watch this film and be inspired by crazy traveling and unexpected things.

Leading actors: Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen (Thor), Gustaf Skarsgård (Bengt) and Agnes Kittelsen (Liv) and Thor Heyerdahl.

16. Tracks (2013)

Country: Australia

The movie is an interesting one about a woman, who decided to go by feet 2700 km with four camels and her beloved dog. It’s not an easy story; there are really sad moments. However, the film shows the beauty of Australia and its landscapes, culture, traditions.

So, in a nutshell, this story takes back to 1997 year, when Robin Davidson set off from Alice Springs on a journey of 2,700 km to the shores of the Indian Ocean. She was working hard to understand how to talk with camels and how they behavior. Robin writes a letter to National Geographic, so that they can sponsor her during the journey. Photographer Rick Smolan from NG periodically visits her along the way, reporting about her trip.

Leading actors: Mia Wasikowska (Robin) and Adam Driver (Rick).

17. Everest (2015)

Place: the Mount Everest

It’s a drama story about the climbers to Everest. On the morning 10 of May in 1996-year two expeditions leaded by Jason Clarke and Scott Fischer started their trip toward the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point in the world. Everything planned to be successful. However, because of people’s mistakes and beliefs, who wanted to climb till the end even if they were not able to do it and a crazy storm that was going to strike the mountain. The two groups were challenged by the harshest conditions, thinking only about how to survive in this battle with nature. What will be the end? You may know it but still this film is worth watching.

Leading actors: Rob Hall (Jason), Jake Gyllenhaal (Scott), Josh Brolin (Beck Weathers) and Keira Knightley (Jan).

18. The English Patient (1996)

Place: African landscapes

If you are planning to watch something romantic mixed with a travel and war story, so you should choose The English Patient. I really love this film, it’s full of romance, love, sadness, and in the same time happiness, joy and adventures. The actors, who are playing in this movie, are really great and it’s the second reason why you should choose this story for your movie night.

The movie’s plot is about an English patient, Laszlo de Almasy, who is badly burned and isn’t able to move. A nurse takes care of him during the end of World War II in an Italian monastery. While she is helping him to survive, Laszlo tells his love story and what has happened to him and the woman, whom he loved.

Leading actors: Ralph Fiennes (Laszlo), Kristin Scott Thomas (Katharine) and Juliette Binoche (Hana).

19. Letters to Juliet (2010)

Country: Italy

It’s a romantic story surrounded by Italian beauties. Watching this film, you are falling in love with Italian food, landscapes, people, architecture and culture. While visiting Verona, a young girl Sophie visits a place, where the heartbroken lovers leave notes about their sad love stories on the wall. Suddenly Sophie finds one old letter from 1957 year that wasn’t sent to its receiver. Sophie decides to write to its now elderly author Claire. And what happens? In a couple of days Claire with her son comes to Italy and meets Sophie. They decide to find the guy, with whom Claire was in love many years ago. 

Leading actors: Amanda Seyfried (Sophie), Vanessa Redgrave (Claire) and Christopher Egan (Charlie).

20. To Rome with Love (2012)

Country: Italy

The next film is also about Italy. This time it’s a really good comedy directed by Woody Allen. You have a chance to dive into the real Italian life full of crazy moments and unexpected situations in Italian style. 

The whole film is divided into four stories: a retired opera director, who discovers a new star, who can sing while taking the shower, a young couple, who go on separate dates, an architect, encountering a young guy who reminds his sad love story, and a typical man, who once become so popular just for what he is.

Leading actors: Woody Allen (Jerry), Penelope Cruz (Anna), Jesse Eisenberg (Jack), Ellen Page (Monica) and Alec Baldwin (John).

21. Anna and the King (1999)

Country: Malaysia

The film is about Thailand; still it was mostly shot in Malaysia. That’s why you will see the landscapes and the whole beauty of Malaysian views.

Plot: an English teacher, Anne, has been employed to educate King’s Mongkut children and wives. She comes to Thailand with her son. For the first time, she brings prejudice against the king. Anne considers him to be uncivilized and his rules so cruel. Soon Anne understands that her views are quite similar with King’s. Even though they start to feel something more than just a friendship, but such relations are not allowed between a simple divorced teacher and King.

Leading actors: Jodie Foster (Anna) and Chow Yun-fat (King).

22. Palm Trees in the Snow (2015)

Place: Equatorial Guinea

Having found a tantalizing key in an old letter, a young woman sets off for the tropical plantation of her family to reveal generations of secrets. You will see the beautiful views of Equatorial Guinea, especially that one with asunny beach and a waterfall.

Leading actors: Berta Vazquez (Bisilia), Mario Casas (Killian) and Adriana Ugarte (Clarence).

23. Home (2009)

53 countries

I really love this documentary of 2009-year; the result of the joint work of the world famous wildlife photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and film director Luc Besson. The movie is about various places on Earth. It shows before and after effects influenced by how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet. Worth watching and thinking about how everything works in this life and what are the outcomes.

24. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Country: Italy

This is one of my favorite psychological thrillers. Seriously, the actors, the plot itself and music – just so perfect. I can watch this film over and over again. Add The Talented Mr. Ripley to your must-watch list of films.

So, the story is about a talented Tom Ripley, whom asked Dickie’s father to go to Italy and to bring back the son to America. However, when Tom meets Dickie and his girlfriend Marge, he falls in love with Dickie’s lifestyle. Tom likes how he lives, what he listens to, how he wear clothes. He becomes so jealous that he decides to be the best friend of Dickie and copies his style. Dickie understands that Tom is not so nice and simple guy as it seems. Dickie and Marge don’t even suspect what Tom is going to change in their life.

Leading actors: Matt Damon (Tom Ripley), Jude Law (Dickie), Gwyneth Paltrow (Marge) and Cate Blanchett(Meredith).

25. The Rum Diary (2011)

Place: Puerto Rico (a Caribbean Island and unincorporated U.S. territory)

It’s a cool and crazy film where people non-stop drinkrum and other alcohol. That’s why the name of the film itself consisted of rum. Surprisingly or not Johnny Depp plays the main role, immediately associated with the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. 

The plot of the movie is about a journalist Paul that is tired of New York’s lifestyle and moves to Puerto Rico and starts a new job. In the meantime, he falls in love with Chenault (played by Amber Heard, with whom Depp was married after the movie, unfortunately they got divorced recently). Chenault is a fiancée of one strange businessman Sanderson, who plans to build a big hotel on the island. Sanderson asks Paul to write an article about this investment and to show it from the good side. Here comes the question, what Paul is going to do with it? Will he hide the truth about this dirty business or will he show the real side of this agreement?

Leading actors: Johnny Depp (Paul), Amber Heard (Chenault), Aaron Eckhart (Sanderson), Michael Rispoli (Bob Sala), Richard Jenkins (Lotterman) and Giovanni Ribisi (Moburg).

26. Chocolat (2000)

Country: France

Attention, don’t watch this movie with out chocolate in front of you. Seriously, buy as much as possible, because Chocolat is about chocolate and love. What can be better for a romantic movie night?

Chocolat is about one woman Vianne, who arrives with her child in a tranquil little French town during the winter of 1959 year. Everything in this small city is ruled by old traditions: you should visit a church every Sunday, live happily in a marriage (even if married are not happy), be clean, participate in town’s meetings, don’t eat sweets and meat during Lent and other very interesting things. Still, when Vianne opens a chocolate shop there, the whole of habitants starts to change. Vianne has a special talent to perceive her customers’ desires and satisfy them with the right choice of chocolate. This all takes them to abandon themselves to temptation, when Lent begins.

Leading actors: Juliette Binoche (Vianne), Johnny Depp (Roux), Judi Dench (Armande), Carrie-Anne Moss (Caroline), Lena Olin (Josephine) and Alfred Molina (Comte de Reynaud).

27. The Painted Veil (2006)

Country: China

It’s a hard one movie with beautiful views and a sad story. Still, I will add it to the travel list because a not so happy couple is moving to China, to a totally different place from that where they used to live.

The story is about a woman Kitty, who was caught in an affair with another man. Her husband Walter finds out about this situation and takes her to China. He is a scientist and he goes there to fight cholera epidemic. There, Kitty starts a journey of self-discovery; she understands many things that happened in her life. All this leads to an unexpected chance at redemption.

Leading actors: Naomi Watts (Kitty) and Edward Norton(Walter).

28. House of Flying Daggers (2004)

Country: China

The whole film is very beautiful. All views are incredible and so amazing. Worth watching it just for the picturesque views.

This movie talks about a secret agent Jin of the imperial police who hunts for the leaders of the rebel movement and gains confidence for this, according to him, the daughter Xiao Mei of the leader of the rebels and he falls into the trap of love. This is one of the films depicting “forbidden” love and showing how love can destroy life.

Leading actors: Zhang Ziyi (Xiao Mei), Takeshi Kaneshiro (Jin) and Andy Lau (Leo).

29. Easy Virtue (2008)

Country: England

This movie is a right one for autumn season, where we are taken to rainy and grey Nottinghamshire.

Everything begins with an American glamour girl Larita, who wins the car racing during the early 1930s. She notices a young attractive guy John Whittaker and falls in love with him. After their marriage, John takes Larita to his home place to introduce his new wife to the family. However, Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker as well as other relatives are not so easy-going people as Larita expected. The problem appears between John’s mother, Veronica Whittaker and his wife. Many events are happing during the film that somehow test if Larita can survive in this family. Guess what’s going to be in the end?

Leading actors: Jessica Biel (Larita), Ben Barnes (John), Colin Firth (Major Jim Whittaker) and Kristin Scott Thomas (Veronica Whittaker).

30. The Tourist (2010)

Country: Italy, Venice

Who is planning a journey to Venice? What about some thriller and love in this beautiful and romantic city?

The movie is about a stranger Elise, whom suddenly meets a math teacher Frank in a train to Venice. They start to talk and then Elise leaves him. In a couple of hours she returns to Frank and takes him with his baggage to her room in a luxury hotel. Frank follows her, as he understands that likes Elise and the extraordinary situation beckons him to follow her. However, the happy mood changes when Frank wakes up next morning and runs out from killers. They thought he was Alexander Pearce, who stole a lot of money from their boss. Frank wants to help Elise, but she decides to play a hard game of mouse and cat. What will happen in the end? Who is Alexander Pearce? Watch the movie to find out.

Leading actors: Angelina Jolie (Elise), Johnny Depp (Frank), Paul Bettany (Inspector) and Rufus Sewell (post guy).

31. Julie & Julia (2009)

Countries: France and USA

Hungry? If yes, it’s time to cook a little bit with the movie. Plus, find out what’s like to live in NYC and France.

So, a young girl, Julie, who is tired and doesn’t like her job, starts a new project with a wish to change her life.She vows to cook all 524 recipes and write about them in her new blog from the Julia Childs’ cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Julie really likes Julia’s life story. For her is a true tale of how Julia Child conquered French cuisine with passion, fearlessness, and plenty of butter, butter, and butter. Butter is a key.

Leading actors: Meryl Streep (Julia Child), Amy Adams (Julie) and Stanley Tucci (Paul Child).

32. Sex and the City 2 (2010)

CountryAbu Dhabi

This is one of my must-watch films. I know there are many controversies regarding some moments that are shown in Sex and the City 2. Still, in my opinion, they show somehow the truth of what is like to be a traveler in Abu Dhabi.

Some might know the story of this movie. It’s the second and the last film of Sex and the City story (plus 6 seasons of a TV-show). This time 4 girls, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte decided to go to Abu Dhabi just for travel. All have their own problems that will be solved during this journey. But to understand that their life is full of love and happiness, they will need to dive in the life of Abu Dhabi: its fashion, architecture, style, luxury, nature and religious restrictions and laws.

Leading actors: Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda).

33. The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Continent: Africa

It’s a popular story about Tarzan, a small boy who used to live alone in Africa surrounded by wild nature and animals.

Since his last visit, it’s been a decade Tarzan or known as John Clayton III left Africa and moved to England with his wife Jane. The calmness of life stops when Tarzan receives a letter inviting him to an expedition in African landscapes. When he arrived with Jane, danger comes from Leon Rom, who organized a false trip just to capture Tarzan to Congo and deliver him to an old enemy in exchange for diamonds. When Jane becomes a pawn in Leon’s devious plot, Tarzan must return to the jungle to save the woman he loves and the whole Africa.

Leading actors: Alexander Skarsgård (Tarzan), Margot Robbie (Jane), Samuel L. Jackson (George Washington) and Christoph Waltz (Leon Rom).

34. The Proposal (2009)

Country: USA, Alaska

What a beautiful place Alaska is!

Margaret Tate is a high-paid book editor, who suddenly receives information that she must leave USA and move back to her native Canada. Margaret doesn’t want to leave her job, so she says she’s engaged to marry Andrew Paxton, her hapless assistant. Andrew agrees to play a role of groom, but proposes a few conditions, including flying to Alaska to meet his family and to be promoted in the company. With a suspicious immigration official always lurking nearby, Margaret and Andrew must stick to their wedding plan despite many unexpected issues. 

Leading actors: Sandra Bullock (Margaret) and Ryan Reynolds (Andrew).

35. A Perfect Plan (2012)

Places: USA, Alaska

A crazy love story travelling around Africa and Russia.

A young woman Isabelle has a boyfriend, whom she wants to marry. However, in her family exists a curse of every first marriage ending in divorce. So, Isabelle decides to find a stranger and marry him. She meets Jean Yves, who isn’t a silly and easy guy for a quick marriage. It happens that Isabelle goes to Africa with Jean Yves, where they finally become a newly married couple in African traditions. Isabelle thinks that it means nothing and goes back to her boyfriend. There she is informed that the African marriage was a real one and to get divorced, Jean Yves must sign the papers. Isabelle goes to him to Russia, where she needs to understand does she really want to be apart of Jean Yves.

Leading actors: Diane Kruger (Isabelle) and Dany Boon (Jean Yves).

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