Recipe: Vegetable Rice with Cheese and Tuna

Hello everyone! Thanks for following my blog. More and more people are coming and I am very happy that you stay with me. For today’s Saturday dinner, I have a new tasty and easy to cook recipe for rice lovers. Are you curious what can be so special about rice with tuna and cheese? Let’s check the ingredients.


🛒 Rice (white, brown, whatever you like)
🛒 Feta (Greek cheese)
🛒 Tomatoes (I took yellow one, 4 pieces)
🛒 Zucchini (1 piece)
🛒 Spices (the mix of Italian, pepper with lemon)
🛒 Olive oil
🛒 Tuna (or any other meat or fish)
🛒 Carrot (1 piece)
🛒 Parmesan


  1. First cook rice in a small saucepan.
  2. Cut carrot and zucchini into circles and tomatoes into pieces. Throw chopped vegetables in a pan. Add olive oil, about 2-3 tablespoons. Sprinkle with spices. Turn on the fire and let it damp a bit under a closed lid over a small fire.
  3. Wait 15 minutes and add the feta slices to make the mixture look like a vegetable sauce. Wait until everything is cooked, about 5 minutes, and add rice. Mix everything.
  4. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat. Add tuna, mix, and top with Parmesan slices. Your dinner is ready!

Bon appétit, mes amis!

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