And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Nowadays is a terribly hot lazy summer, when working hours become longer and late dark nights are full of passion and heat. Still, no matter how warm it is outside, every woman, every girl wants to look fresh, perfectly beautiful and sweet. Especially, if you are planning a vacation somewhere in France, Spain or Italy, or perhaps some picturesque islands, where you are going to lay on the beach, drink cocktails and just relax. Who said you shouldn’t take care of yourself while you are enjoying a free time?

Here you will find the 10 key essentials of summer 2019:

  1. must-have hydration toners and creams
  2. summer manicure hits
  3. bags are best friends 👜
  4. your underwear is your inner world
  5. swimming suits and bikinis yaaas 🥰 
  6. dresses, dresses, like ice-creams and other outfits
  7. summer sandals
  8. something sweet for hairstyle
  9. sunglasses+jewellery is a must
  10. oversized straw hat 👒
    ** fashionable summer cases for your phones;)

Are you ready for your vacation time?

During summer season your skin more than ever needs care. Meaning: invest in hydration!

What’s more: shine bright like a diamond!

Summer manicure inspirations! It’s time, girls, to prepare our nails for sunny and warm days on the beaches…

Check my manicure ideas here!

[photos from instagram]

Wear light and colorful bags during summer holidays. Invest in good quality and enjoy time with a new friend.

Choose pure and with a bit of ease underwear, so that you will feel yourself like a butterfly!

Summer is for swimming suits and bikinis! Hell yes!

What is the key summer motto for outfits? Less is more! Hot mornigs and late nights are for short dresses and tops with skirts or shorts. Just try!

Our legs also want to look beautiful and bright during summer vacations or just casual working days. And why not? There are so many sandals for them:)

Headbands are a great detail for your summer look. There are many color variations as well as forms and patterns. Choose the fanciest one and wear for any occasion.

Sunglasses are our must-have for hot sunny days. We need to hide our eyes from the sun lights and sometimes just to make our look more unusual and with a little bit of mystery. Which sunglasses to choose? The ones that will make you irresistible. To make your ootd even better, add some jewelry.

Straw hats are the hits of this summer. From Jacquemus Le Chapeau Bomba to Valentino Straw Hat, sun is shining and you should take care of your head as well as your style, yes?

… and the last thing is your phone case! What are your favorite prints? Flowers, animal print, island, water or maybe plants? You decide;)

meunierka wishes everyone a wonderful summer xoxo

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