The 10th Anniversary Show of Jacquemus moved to Provence with a 500-meter pink ribbon rolled down the middle of french lavender fields. It was a wonderful collection, full of pastel and hot bright colors. Light and fresh creations were presented by Jacquemus, where you can find such combinations as:

  • pattern costumes,
  • a high-waisted orange cargo pants with a pink with a maxi top and a large straw bag,
  • a bright pink dress with orange trousers, 
  • a bright yellow long dress,
  • a light olive green gown with a green-orange sunglasses. 

This collection is not at all about Provence. It’s about the codes of the house, about other places, about all these women who have inspired me that were not from here, who were overdressed, and these guys who wear too many prints, but who still look cool.


The real summer collection “Le Coup de Soleil” to be inspired by during chill vacation time!

Jacquemus Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear

Photos from Vogue

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