When I first visited Düsseldorf, I didn’t have enough time to go sightseeing. However, during my second time there, I went to the city center, the old part and to the riverside. Düsseldorf is a cozy, clean and blooming German city. While walking around the city, you will see the business center with tall glass buildings as well as many streets for hanging out with your friends and relatives close to the old part of the city. I went also to the river: very wide and not fenced place. There you can eat seafood, ice cream and just enjoying the free time. Also, I visited the food market and tried a bun with apples – very tasty and so fresh!

Düsseldorf is very green; you will see a lot of small parks, lakes, trees and flowers. I forgot this feeling, when there is a fresh air and sun is shining. There are as well some shopping centers. What’s interesting: it was difficult to find ATM; there are only a few. So, be prepared to have cash.

In general, Düsseldorf is a nice city; maybe more for business cases, still there are some really sweet spots to see. Check my photo gallery from the trip 🙂

** must-visit: the Italian restaurant Pizzeria Pesto – da Fabio!

xoxo meunierka

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