Writing about fall fashion trends is a hard job, especially if you are living in a country, where the chance of rain or even snow equals zero. You can tell that some colors are popular during the fall season and long skirts is a great choice for a windy weather. The main thing, about which many bloggers sometimes forget, is that there are many countries, where during the fall season the temperature can be below 0°C (32°F). When the real cold days come, there is no way as to wear huge colorful sweaters, big fluffy fur coats, skinny calf boots, Australian winter shoes UGG, rubber boots, thigh high boots…everything what will make you feel cozy and warm enough. Still, even if it’s so freezing outside, every woman wants to look great and stylish no matter how cold it is. The Fall 2019 Fashion Season presented us many interesting and beautiful collections, which are both acceptable for frosty days as well as for late night parties and office daily work. Ready to get inspired?

Jeremy Scott Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection was a big WOW! First of all, there was a lack of colors, the main colors were white and black. Secondly, the whole collection was concentrted about news, especially fake news. The feeling is like you are back to your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), where the news are bombarding you all the time. The clothes were highlighting such words as scandal, killer, split, danger, chaos an panic.

Who run the world? GIRLS! The famous song recorded by Beyoncé is what I first think about when I look at the collection Alexander Wang Fall ‘19 Ready-to-Wear. The collection itself makes a huge impression and shows how powerful, independent and self-confident women can be nowadays. The stylish black sunglasses are a must-have in your fashion closet for autumn and winter in 2019 year. Additionally, the idea of using emoji in the collection was a really modern way of showing our attitude to social media. Check the looks below!

The second collection Versace Fall ‘19 Menswear showed the wild nature. The leopard-print coats and hairstyle create a really alluring man’s style. We love 😍 “ready for work” and “bright girl” outfits. As always Versace shows are the must-watch collections to follow.

This time Vivienne Westwood wanted to tell the whole world about the most important things nowadays. To draw people’s attention to the fact that in the last nearly 15 years the massive global consumption of clothing has been doubled because its utilization has decreased. However, a little bit confusing so, that the fashion show was tribute to these topics. You can’t teach your audiences that we should stop consume so much and buy new clothes and in the meantime to sell the new dresses. Still, the fashion show was a new wave to think about.

Prada, Prada, Prada, we all love Prada. ❤️ The red, blue, rose contrasts combining with the black outfit can be found in the collection of Prada Fall ’19 Menswear. We love the red fur hats!

Tom Ford Fall ’19 Ready-to-Wear collection was full of faux-fur fedoras and faux jackets and coats of many shapes and sizes. The designer brought back the trend of the ankle-strap peep-toe platform pumps.

Sparkle, colorful and really beautiful dresses can be found in the collection of Erdem Fall ’19 Ready-to-Wear. The elegant black one, a so romantic and so feminine dress, as well as fluffy hats and dresses will steal your heart forever.

Simplicity and light beauty are the first feelings when you look at the collection of JW Anderson Fall ’19. Strong contrast colors as violet, pink, red, light blue, yellow, green make the collection so colorful as the leaves on the trees during the fall season. Saying “Hi, fall, I missed you so much”…

For the first time the Japanese fashion designer Tomo Koizumi held his first fashion show at Marc Jacobs’s Madison Avenue store. The question was “Is this show tribute to the huge dresses?” Somehow we were entered a world of Alice Wonderland… still the question is up about what role will the designer represent in the Ready-to-Wear and retail fashion world?

What about some hot orange and silver inspirations? The answer will be: we should try. Inspired by the collection of Carolina Herrera Fall ’19 Ready-to-Wear.

A little bit blue, dark blue, violet, read and rose made a collection of Anna Sui a colorful fashionable fall season. Why not? It’s a great time to wear bright clothes and to try a new short *blue* haircut with a perfect hat. Sounds kind of intriguing?

Feeling a truly beautiful woman can be possible with the collection of Marchesa 2019. The whole fashion looks are so gorgeous, light, romantic, stylish, pure and so amazing. Falling in love from the first sight (fact!).

A real fairytale of Michael Kors Collection! We are back to the style of 70s and the collection itself proves us that this era will be always in fashion. Fluffy and beige coats, flower-print brown and mix of dark orange and brown dresses are all we want to wear during the fall 2019 season.

During the Fall ’19 fashion collection presented by the house of Burberry, we saw different approaches of how the fall season will look like in 2019. You can wear a beige coat combined with a beige skirt, sporty red pants, a big blue coat with a short dress, or choose the total green look consist of skirt and jacket. Burberry showed us different possibilities and ideas, how to stay cool and smart at work, with friends, with you family or pets during the autumn season.

Black was, is and always will be in fashion. Black is black. Never too later and never too early for black color. To have a black outfit in your closet is a must-have. Find some really great and creative looks in the new Balmain Fall ‘19 Menswear collection. Three words: stylish, cool and elegant.

Black from head to toes, hiding your face and wearing too much clothes… inspirational and beautiful Vetements Fall ‘19 Menswear collection. Super cool looks for autumn cold and rainy season. Time to invest in new fashionable ideas!

The similar idea can be seen in the collection of Richard Quinn – Fall 19′ Ready-to Wear: the designer presented a very unusual autumn collection, where the faces of the models were completely hidden under the flower-print shawls, dressed in wide bright dresses. You can feel that moment of the Indian summer, when it’s a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs during the autumn season.

Marc Jacobs is always surprise with his creativity and how he understands the real beauty of style. The new Fall ’19 collection was so airy! There were presented the considerable looks for example a big grey coat, a dark rose flower-print dress, a total yellow look or a fluffy gray white dress. The collection is full of inspiration to be taken by.

Rodarte Fall ’19 Ready-to-Wear collection was about 1930s. There were different theatrical colorful silhouettes. Many white, yellow, light and dark red dresses in dots, hearts (inspiration for St. Valentine’s Day) and bows.

The dresses of light pure or dark colors are definitely a good investment for the fall season. What makes a woman being a romantic and feminine? Find some really wonderful looks in the collection of Simone Rocha Fall ’19 and be ready for the future dates.

Feeling the lack of colors? Time to check the collection of Mary Katrantzou! There are a lot of really unbelievable fashionable and so stylish looks, full of different colors as green, pink, rose, violet, blue, red, orange, yellow etc. When outside is grey, it’s the best moment to wear something incredibly bright and gorgeous.

Now it’s time to reconsider what you are going to wear during the autumn season. Are you planning to invest in the long skirts combined with the long coats? … or maybe less traditional, wearing big colorful sweaters, strange-formed hats, having a leopard-print hairstyle? Trying to mix different styles, colors and materials is always a good idea, if you want to go far away from typical looks. However, still some outfits that may seem usual, can be again flawless and sparkling. Nowadays is the era of fast-growing consumption and huge development of technology. So, why not to try something new and trendy, to mix what is hard to mix and to bring a new personal style to the fashion streets? All is up to you.

xoxo meunierka

[images: Pinterest]

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