What does spring mean to me? Fresh grass, first snowdrops, warm gusts of wind and long sunny days. Although I am madly in love with the winter season, I cannot imagine my life without spring, especially since in spring is my birthday. With spring comes inspiration to clean the closet and freshen up the fashionable bows, and it’s also time for women to change into something light and hide the winter jackets and coats far away into the closet.

What does the fashion world offer today? Madly in love with the new spring collection Rodarte, a combination of fresh and delicate flowers, in general floral prints (Miu Miu Spring/Summer ’19 Ready-to-Wear collection above).

Rodarte SS19

When you look at new collections, you understand clearly that spring has come. As for the headdress, spring inspiration, we are looking for it in the Valentino SS ’19 collection, as well as in the spring-summer (beach based fashion show) Chanel collection, very extraordinary and large straw hats in gentle tones. Black dresses are not ignored as well.

Chanel SS19

Valentino SS19

I liked the collection Paco Rabanne SS ‘19, bright and “strong in spirit” dress and a skirt with a jacket will conquer your heart.

Paco Rabanne SS19

A very spring and unusual collection was presented by Moschino, slightly cheeky and imperturbable, just for the spring 2019. The composition of the wedding dress with butterflies left me without words! Really a beautiful model for future brides.

Moschino SS19

Bright and stormy colors of spring were represented in the Escada SS ’19 collection, especially I liked the bright pink suit, as well as the light suit of beige-green, refined and with a spring mood.

Escada SS19

Коллекция Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear впечатлила своими цветами, девичей непредсказуемостью, яркостью, блеском, нежными платьями, словно платья куколки.

The Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection impressed with its colors, girls’ unpredictability, brightness, brilliance, delicate dresses, like pupal dresses.

Marc Jacobs SS19


The Erdem magic collection brought us back to the times when it was fashionable to gather in the gardens and talk heart to heart, a light pink dress for an event in a park or somewhere in nature would be perfect, and don’t forget your hat!

Spring is, above all, simplicity and small minimalism.

We are inspired by the lightness and white color in the collections Jil Sander SS ’19 and Chloe Spring/Summer 2019.

Chloe SS19

Max Mara reminds us that yellow is fashionable not only in autumn, but also in spring.

Jil Sander SS19 / Max Mara SS19

A lot of inspiration can be found in the collection Thom Browne, Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; amazing and unique images were presented at the fashion show.

Thom Browne SS19

We gain confidence and show that a woman is no longer the weaker sex, but is a strong and confident personality in the collections Balenciaga Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear (emphasize the arrangement during the fashion show!) and Alexander McQueen Spring 2019 Ready-to- Wear.

Balenciaga SS19

Alexander McQueen SS19

The combination of different colors in the fashion looks can be found in the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Ralph Lauren SS19

Elegant, pure, bright and so glamorous Spring/Summer 2019 collection of Ralph Lauren was presented recently during the fashion week. Brilliant dresses just take your full attention. A must-have fashion looks for your dates!

Louis Vuitton SS19

Of course it’s hard to miss the Dior spring collection! A very beautiful show, where not only models were participating, but also professional dancers. The dominant colors were beige, light and dark burgundy, and also brown. Spring from Dior is delicacy and femininity.

Dior SS19

Spring will be light and airy. Time for dresses in bright colors and straw hats. Fashion looks for confident and feminine women, simple and at the same time amazingly beautiful and unusual. Well, springtime is always full of surprises and sunshine after long and cold winter days.

[images from Vogue Runway]

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