The new social media tool for your marketing strategy. How to promote your business, to build a strong and recognizable brand, to improve employer branding, to ascertain potential customers and what are the key techniques to use effectively Instagram for Business.

Nowadays Instagram is a very trendy and well-known social media tool for communication. Many people can’t imagine their life without the user-friendly and colorful application, where you are able to create your own virtual world of news, photos and videos, adding different styles, filters, GIFs and hashtags to make your Instagram profile more interesting and popular.

Early the leaders of social media were Facebook* (for private life) and LinkedIn (for business). However, everything has changed, when in October 2010, Kevin Systrom [Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom – co-founders of Instagram] and Mike Krieger for the first time launched Instagram on IOS (two years later Instagram was available for Android users). Could they imagine that today, 8 years later, there will be almost 699 million Instagram users worldwide. What’s more, it’s estimated that in 2021 the level of active Instagram users will grow up to 927.9 million! Going forward, more than 1 milliard of Instagram users will be reached in 2022. Fascinating news, yes?

* LinkedIn was created in 2002, Facebook – in 2004.


What stands behind Instagram being so popular among other social media apps? The answer is a combination of 3 valuable words: simplicity, accessibility and innovativeness.


Instagram’s design has been changing during many years and for sure it will be changing in the future. Today Instagram offers its users a light and attractive interface, where everything is almost white. It allows you to post colorful photos/videos, without having a fear that your content will be lost in the app’s background.

The logo of Instagram is a combination of violet, dark rose, red and a little bit of yellow colors. In conclusion, the key success of Instagram is its elegant, nice, user-friendly, with a droplet of lightness and ease, simple design.



You can have access to Instagram wherever you are situated (from my own experience: in the mountains, in the forest, in the ocean, in an airplane etc.). This factor doesn’t distinguish Instagram from others, but it’s still important. To connect to your Instagram profile, you can download the application on your phone/laptop/computer or just use different internet providers (it was available also in Apple watches, but in 2018 this function no longer exists).


Why Instagram is an innovative company? This application not only allows its users to share their private highlights of life with family and friends, but also Instagram has become a very powerful and essential marketing tool for businesses to connect with potential customers. Moreover, if we are talking about buying processes, in 2017 Instagram released a lot of useful features, among them are Instagram Stories and new advertising method Instagram Shopping.


These new tools brought a lot of companies from different industries to a new higher level both in communication and sales departments.

Instagram is a great marketing solution for many different industries. For now, Instagram has up to 800 million monthly active users all over the world. It’s an enormous virtual place, where the real potential customers have own profiles and are the “every day” users.

I hear a lot of myths like “we don’t need Instagram”, “Instagram won’t bring new customers”, “Instagram is only suitable for employer branding” or “this tool is for teenagers”. Let’s be true:

  • Instagram is a wonderful solution for employer branding, in general for building a well-known and recognizable brand/image of your company. However, think deeply, how you are going to sell your products or services, if you don’t communicate with your potential customers in social media, where they spend really a lot of time every day?
  • If you don’t need Instagram or any other social media applications, sorry-not-sorry, you are in the past.
  • Instagram used to be very popular only among teenagers, fact. Therefore, everything has changed. For now, Instagram is very popular for people, who fall into the age categories: 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44 [FYI: teenager, or teen, is a young person whose age falls within the range from 13-19]. Additionally, take a look on them, most can buy things on their own nowadays.


Conclusion: don’t think stereo-typically. Just download Instagram (it’s totally for free) and see how it works for you and your business.

Topic to be continued in Part II.

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  1. Instagram plays an important role in social media marketing nowadays. And we can observe that there are lots of trends or something new that we can see. It’s very helpful nowadays in marketing a brand. Thanks for sharing this one.

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